"Little Sweet" was placed in the body by her father, and she was slavered for 13 years. It was forbidden to let her see her children.

Life should be bitter and sweet. This is the order of life.

The life of the top star "Little Sweet" Britney perfectly explains the correctness of this sentence.

Blannie in 1981, born in an ordinary town in the United States, his father is a famous alcoholic.

This made Britney’s childhood full of misfortunes. Her childhood only had alcoholic father and her father’s family that could only hide in the kitchen.

Such a childhood experience created the misfortune of Britney’s life because she had a devil -like father.

Fortunately, Britney’s childhood was not only dark. When God gave her a dark life, she also created a dawn for it: perfect face, delicate features, and sweet singing.

These attributes give Branny a chance to become famous.

At the age of 5, Branny was delicate and sweet because of his exquisite looks and sweet singing. It was like a Barbie princess who came out of a fairy tale story. It was fancy by Disney and became a "little artist" of Disney.

Such a identity has always been accompanied by Branny to 15 years old.

Disney’s signing of the little artist allows Britney to have a chance to get in the entertainment industry.

At the age of 15, Britney, who had already fell out of Pavilion, and his singing was still sweet, got a chance to debut.

In the case of the packaging and creation of the brokerage company, Britney’s singing and musical rhythm talent were instantly excavated.

Two years later, 17 -year -old Britney released his first album, and it was red and burst into the European and American music circle.

All the items in the world have already marked the price, and the fire of Britney is the same.

The advantage of a hit is that Britney became a well -known star, with high income, and no longer had to stay in the sinful family.

The disadvantages are also obvious: Britney, just an adult, was carried to the center of the stage and the edge of life. This made Britney too late to face a selfless life.

The cost of big red and purple is that regardless of the front and behind the scenes, they were forced to stand under the spotlight, and Branny became a traffic password.

From the chaos of contemporary Internet celebrities, it will launch Britney at the time, what kind of "exposure" it encountered.

At this time, Britney’s happy life went to the end, and the suffering of life looked at her not far away.

Nian Shaofanghua, unfortunate childhood, made Britney extremely lack of love. In the years in the entertainment industry, although countless fans love to wear it, it is not a family.

When a woman who is doing a career suddenly falls into the vortex of love, then she is very likely to be devoured by the vortex, and Branny is no exception.

During the highlights of her career, she met Justin, who was also an idol singer with herself.

Justin of that year, handsome and chic, Britney, sweet and pleasant.

The two who are also idol singers are like couples set up in heaven, with picturesque.

This picturesque love allowed Britney to live in the abyss of the trough in the low valley in the future.

"The girl we chased together in those years" said: The sorrow of adolescent love is that girls are always sensible than boys.

The same is true of Britney’s love with Justin.

The young and famous, the unfortunate Britney’s expectation of the two people who were looking forward to the love of the white head, Justin longed for the free future and countless girls to become her girlfriend.

Extreme thinking has led to the destruction of this love, and it has also created the tragedy of Branny.

In front of the media, Britney insisted on wanting sex life after marriage, but the media was unwilling to believe it.

As a result, the media with good things called Justin to have a relationship with Britney. In the face of media problems, Justin said "had had".

Because of this, the two parted ways and went to different avenues.

But the Yu Bo of this incident is more than that.

After the breakup, Justin not only connotative Blanni derailed in the lyrics, but also on the show, sharing his private life with Britney, as if he proclaimed his "loot" to show Britney.

At that time, Britney was a mess. Such a scandal was undoubtedly fatal for her.

In particular, Britney can only control the stage and cannot control life.

This made Branny the object of continuous pursuit of paparazzi. The harassment of paparazzi also made Britney, whose nerves were fragile, and went to extremes.

In order to avoid the harassment of paparazzi, Blannie shaved off her hair and became bald, and such changes still could not stop the crazy heart of paparazzi pursuing traffic passwords.

A "hunting" for Britney is brewing.

Britney, who was harassed, picked up the umbrella angrily and attacked the cars of the sneak paparazzi.

She thinks that her resistance will shrink paparazzi, but she does not know: her out of control is what paparazzi wants.

Because there is an entertainment company that bids $ 1 million, only to buy photos of Britney’s emotional out of control.

It is worth mentioning that behind these violent, there is a sad marriage about Britney.

After breaking up with Justin, the harassment of paparazzi made Blannie’s troubles, and made her hope that she could have a shelter.

At this time, the dancer Kevin walked into Britney’s life. The two quickly got married, had children, and gradually developed in a good direction. In addition to the ubiquitous paparazzi, she still disturbed her life.

Britney’s marriage is also a broken news for paparazzi, so in the process of pursuing Britney, paparazzi also launched an investigation into Kevin.

Immediately, Kevin was exposed to be an indisputable scumbag. Before Branny, he had bred his life with his girlfriend. After hooking up with Britney, he abandoned his girlfriend to give up the child and married Branny.

Such a man is obviously not a responsible man that Branny wants, and her marriage with Kevin went directly to the end.

Britney’s out of control, with the failure of this marriage of Kevin, and the pervasiveness of paparazzi after the failure, have an indiscriminate connection.

After Britney was completely out of control, she was the beginning of her sad life.

Her father sent her to a mental center on the grounds of mental illness and got her monitoring right.

Since then, Britney has become a tool for his father’s wealth.

In the tool, it was 13 years. In order to better control Branny and forcibly feed her mental drugs in order to better control Branny, so that even in normal times, she could not speak normally and could not complain about her situation.

Britney, who lost her language ability, started working for 10 hours a day in order to see their children. I earn wealth for her father. I earn 5 million per month. She can have 2,000 yuan living expenses and can see the child.

Because her father could better gather money for her, she did not allow her to see her children.

Even without her consent, she placed a birthplace in her body, just for her not to make money because she would not be pregnant.

In such a hell -like life, Branny has experienced 13 years.

But there was no imperfect wall in the world. In the process of Blannie’s father’s imprisonment, Branny’s fans found a clue.

As a result, a campaign to save Britney began.

After many years, the former former Justin also gradually matured. In this turmoil, he took the lead in helping Britney to speak and let Blannie storm, which was pushed to the peak period.

In 2021, Britney resumed freedom and opened a new life after several rounds of court judgment.

Britney’s tragedy life explained what is: life should be bitter and sweet.

Because of the sweet and bitter life, it is too bitter. I hope that the rest of my life can be good, positive, and find a person who loves her and love her.

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