"Liangchen Bloom", my sister wants to enter the entertainment industry, but I accidentally get pregnant and pregnant my mother is …

"Liangchen Bloom".

My sister wanted to enter the entertainment industry but unexpectedly unmarried.My mother claimed that the person who was unmarried is me for her star journey, and my boyfriend threatened me to help her raise her children.She reached the top of applause and flowers to win the crown.But the infamous I was designed by her genius daughter, and she died of broken bones.Opening my eyes again, I was reborn on the day my sister was pregnant.In this life, I don’t want to be a silent supporting role.

Your sister has something to do with such a big thing, do you still have a mood to eat and drink outside?You will die for me soon!My mother’s angry voice was clearly passed into my ears through my mobile phone. In this regard, I was indifferent and even in my mood.This kind of thing should be called the police. Do you need me to help call the police?My calm voice stimulated my mother.She was silent in her ears in silence.

Lin Shuran, do you want to destroy your sister?If you go out, how can you let her see someone?I took another sip of watermelon juice, so what’s the use of going back?Ask so much, if you still recognize my mother, roll back quickly.

Her furious voice came out of the phone. Her planned to know my good sister Lin Shuxin in my heart, and I was one year older than Lin Shuxin and I looked very similar to her.She asked me to go home just to let me cover Lin Shuxin to cover her.It is ridiculous. Obviously Lin Shuxin and I are her daughter, but in her eyes, only Lin Shuxin’s life is life, and my life is not worth mentioning.All this is because Lin Shuxin took the female lead script.

I also knew after death that I was in a novel called "Flowers in the Dust".Lin Shuxin is the heroine of Mary Su in the novel.She enjoyed thousands of pets on her head.And I was the one who paid everything but found nothing. I couldn’t even have a villain.The purpose of existence is to set off and achieve Lin Shuxin’s perfect life.On the day when she applauded and the flowers won the crown after the film, I was designed by her genius daughter to fall downstairs to break the bones. The corpse was put in the funeral home for half a year, and they didn’t even have time to bury me.I would also be artificially rumored, saying that I was so ridiculous to say that the girl said.After my death, my soul stayed beside Lin Shuxin and participated in her wonderful and happy life.The moment her children and grandchildren laughed with a smile, I was sucked in a white light.After that, I returned to the day she had found pregnancy.

Regardless of our world, or not a novel, I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.Since God gave me the opportunity to awaken and rebirth, I have to be my own life!

In my last life, I immediately took the phone and immediately took the leave to rush back, so I lost the position of the Lord dance.Later, my mother completely lost her job at the National Song and Dance Theater.In this life, I turned off my phone and followed the team to Paris. I got the opportunity to perform at the Broadway Theater.

When I finished the world tour back, Lin Shuxin’s stomach had grown.I think maybe it’s time to go back.One of the supporting roles of supporting actors is to stay away from the protagonist. I have to find a way to completely disconnect with them.For the people here, I just left for five months.

However, for Lin Shuxin, who has been trapped in Lin Shuxin for more than ninety years, I have not been down -to -earth for nearly a century. I have stood in this familiar and unfamiliar community.Isn’t this Shu Xin?You’re back?

When I turned my head, I saw Qin Yier, who was right at the door, and walked over with a dish and greeted me with a smile.Shu Xin, I saw you on TV.You are so amazing!Unlike your sister, I do n’t know where to be a ghost. I have been doing my belly and shaking through the city every day. I ’m not shameful. I stunned.

It turned out that even if I didn’t come back, this stigma would still fall on my head.Because I use my English name Karina on the stage, I look very similar to Lin Shuxin, and the people here do not know that I am normal.I smiled and greeted Qin Yier as usual: Qin Yier, we didn’t see me for five months, and you wouldn’t recognize me anymore.I am Shu Ran, not comfortable, how is it possible?Your mother, she has always said that … Qin Yier didn’t believe me, until I saw a scar on her arms that she believed her.Because this scar was left by me to catch the son that she fell from the tree.She gave me medicine so she was deeply memorized, and she looked at me deeply.

Are you really Shuran?What is the one who is pregnant?I smiled bitterly: I am a sister.My mother was worried that she had broken her reputation.Some words need not be said so clearly, and people who should understand will naturally understand.She immediately changed her face and looked at me a bit more distressed.Holding my hand: Your child is really wronged.I pretended a strong shaking my eyes but red.It’s okay, my mother doesn’t like me for a day or two, I am used to it.

In the last life, I never thought about explanation. For a short period of time, I was pierced by the backbone.I will not be so passive in this life.After saying goodbye to Qin Yier, I rang my door.That’s right, knocking on the door, I don’t even have the key to my own door.

In this novel, Lin Shuxin is a group of pet hostels that gather thousands of pets.In order to set off the world’s preference for her, the treatment of our supporting actors can be said to be terrible in some ways.For example, the family’s eccentricity, for example, her luck seems to be a beautiful flower that falls on her, like her life.

After the chaos of her bar and human wine was exposed, she just asked that person to find her.And that person happened to be the male lead, and the two of them still had a two -way secret, and the two loves finally stayed with each other for a lifetime.All dirt and darkness had nothing to do with her. She was muddy without staining a white lotus.

But I should have been a flower that can be blooming in full bloom.Who?The person who opened the door was silent.At that time, there was a fake doll in his belt on his boyfriend, and a bottle of milk powder was holding a bottle of milk in his hand.It seems to be learning how to take care of children.I was not surprised at all, because she was the lover of Lin Shuxin or licking dogs of this novel.In my last life, I did not derail at home to take care of Lin Shuxin.

Every day, she always dislikes me not good enough.So many times to take care of Lin Shuxin, he is herself.

When Lin Shuxin was lying unable to move, she hugged her to the toilet, scrubbed her, and even cleaned her underwear for her, and gave her confinement meal.-Mou-mouth feed to the mouth.Once, I saw that he personally washed Lin Shuxin’s feet and pressed her leg. I was a little jealous and couldn’t help but say: What men and women can not be taught, you pay attention to the influence, and she immediately exploded.

In front of my family, she scolded me: she is your sister, I am your boyfriend.What are the problems with me who loves her as a sister?Lin Shuran, your heart is dirty, so everything is dirty!I want to explain, but no one listens.Lin Shuxin didn’t take it for granted: Sister, what age is this?Why do you say that the old man’s words, Shen Gossi and I are swaying, don’t think about it, talk about taking your feet out of the basin, step on the silent arm, and wipe your feet with his sleeves.: We do everything in front of you, clear and innocent, what else do you worry about?

My mother pushed me away angrily.Speaking: You can’t see your sister, right?She is sitting in confinement, you can’t take care of her by yourself, and you are not allowed to help silent?I really doubt whether you are my daughter, why can’t you be as generous as Shu Xin!At that time, my emotions seemed to be isolated from something invisible, and I didn’t know to refute them.Just watched his boyfriend like that, took care of his sister, without fake hands.When I saw me silently, I was ridiculed, and then mocked: 呦.

Lord Dance is finally willing to return?My soul has been wandering for more than ninety years without being seen, and my heart has long been trained very calm.Seeing this boyfriend who loved this life, there was no fluctuation in my heart.The troupe was on vacation, I came back to see Shu Xin.My mother heard my voice, and immediately rushed over, and raised my hand and wanted to make me slap: You know back!Why don’t you die outside!I took a step back and avoided it. Her hand was thrown directly to the door frame, and she screamed immediately. You dare to hide!

Lin Shuxin’s bright voice remembered in the house, what happened?She was wearing a suspender skirt, holding a big belly, and walking out with a popsicle lazily, looking at my eyes very calm, calm and granted.Sister, it’s so good that you come back. I will produce it soon. After the child is born, you will bring me to bring me, and I can still catch up with the audition!Seeing her shamelessly, what she should look like.I said coldly: I don’t.What did you say?If you talk about it again, my mother’s face rose into a pork liver, and stared at me with my waist staring at my waist.She obviously couldn’t believe it. I had always been adversed, and she rejected Lin Shu Xin to bring her children.

I said it again. I worked for so long before getting the position of the main dance. I would not resign.Talking at a glance, Lin Shuxin, who was not obviously unhappy and silent to me.Since you choose to give birth to this child, you should be responsible for her instead of throwing her to others at will.My mother patted the table, what did you say?You are her sister, what’s wrong with her child?In the future, Shu Xin will be a big star. How can there be such a scandal of unmarried first?It turned out that she knew that this was a scandal, and I couldn’t help but said: I am the main dance of the National Song and Dance Theater, and I am also afraid of the scandal.Lin Shuxin rolled his eyes and touched his stomach. He said: Sister, you are too narrow.Now what scandal is there many unmarried pregnancy first?Only with strength, no difficulties will knock us down!You are all the main dance, who cares about you?I watched her vowed, and looked very confident, and immediately took it: You are right, then you can’t bring it yourself.She stunned: I am different from you, my career has just begun.I took her words, as long as there is strength.I couldn’t listen to silence, and interrupted me.Lin Shuxin, why didn’t I see before, you are so cold?Shu Xin is your sister. How do you bear to make her dream fall, but it is just a simple thing for her to raise a child. Do you even refuse?I watched him for a while, and after he was guilty to look away, he slowly said: Since you said that, I haven’t finished my words, Lin Shuxin rushed up and hugged me: I know my sister hurts me the most.EssenceMy mother also eased her face, but she still faced: It should have been like this long ago. Talking to you is really laborious and wasting her tongue.Silence was relieved and said with a smile: I have done it for my child from birth to eighteen -year -old growth plan. You can do it.I know that the monthly plan is as high as 50,000.

He is generous, that is, he is generous by others.Especially when I do this, I don’t want this plan, so I broke their fantasy without mercy: Sorry!Please listen to me.What I want to say is that since you all say so, then you give her to raise children, that is, I have my own career, and I do n’t have time to take care of her children. Thank you.

I’m just looking at my sister, I feel relieved when I see her okay, leave first, goodbye.

Several of them were stunned for a moment before reacting. My mother immediately took a cup to smash me: You dare to take a try!Your wings are hard, right?Don’t you even listen to your mother’s words?I tell you, if you walk out of this door today, don’t want to come back!I will never recognize you again!I didn’t stop, and this family had no place for me long ago.My clothes and shoes were thrown into the miscellaneous room by my mother’s occupation of the place.And my room has become her makeup artist and cloakroom on the grounds that Lin Shuxin needs a separate cloakroom.

Occasionally, I either slept in the sofa or hit the floor in Lin Shuxin’s room.When I came back this time, I found that even my tableware was gone in the kitchen, and the photos on the wall were replaced.Most of the former family portraits were replaced by Lin Shuxin’s single photo, a few photos of their mother’s texts, and the rooms of the guest rooms even had silent clothes.But the whole family did not have a trace of me.It’s strange that I was so slow in my last life that I didn’t find it.

Seeing that I was about to go out and began to threaten.Lin Shuxin, if you don’t give Shu Xin, we will break up!I looked back at him, and he was proud of his expression, but I didn’t make him proud for too long.Okay, break up.

I originally planned to mention it with you. He widened his eyes unbelievable watching me who didn’t seem to understand that the me was full of him. How could he agree to break up as long as he was willing to agree with any conditions?

I said in his gradually pale face: Silence.I have long wanted to say that you are with me while licking my sister while being with me.Lin Shuxin called behind him that they were bright, but their friends were casual. They had nothing to do with me. They could break the relationship with them from this home.I am very happy that my departure is a lot brisk, as if I had removed a heavy burden and the whole person was relaxed. There was a silent roar behind me: Do you regret that you do n’t regret it?I did n’t forget to lick the dog, but I did n’t forget that he was lonely for Lin Shuxin in his life.

Later, in order to save Lin Shu Xin’s grandson, he was hit by a car. Before he died, he watched Lin Shuxin, who hurried, and suddenly burst into tears, and then he shouted my name and said: Shu Ran, if you are not dead, it should be good.Shu Ran, you wait for me, I will marry you in the next life.I almost vomited as a soul at the time. Who wanted a woman’s licking dog?Who wants?

I returned to the theater and practiced dances every day to participate in various stage performances. Perhaps it was a long time in my last life. I watched too much on the world.Teachers say that my dance is more story and more attractive than before.After more than a month, I just entered the dance room that day. My partner Chi Yu and my teammates ran to me with my mobile phone.Karina is coming to eat melon, but I think their mobile phones find that they are the owner of the melon.When Chi Yu didn’t dance, he always looked stupid. He laughed and burst into tears: saying that you see it quickly, some people say that you are not Shu Ran, saying that the real Shu Ran is pregnant at home to give birth to your true identity is Lin Shuxin.

The news that the person was my mother posted a manuscript on Weibo to discredit me on Weibo and raised Lin Shuxin while raising me.Unfortunately, she is a bit naive. Even a big living person is not so easy to exchange for a smile.The news that people will not think that everyone in the theater can impersonate, but what do we take us here?By the way, why is Lin Shuxin so familiar?Isn’t this the name of Karina’s sister?I can’t cry and laugh: Yes, my sister, I don’t plan to conceal them, they will not think that I will swallow my teeth as before.This kind of thing broke out is their own, and I was just a victim.My sister and her unmarried pregnancy first.

My mother was worried that her reputation was affected and said that the person who was pregnant was me. Chi Yu stared widened and shocked: No?She is sick and I’m sorry. I don’t want to scold your mother. I mean her mind is okay?Your sister’s reputation is important. Isn’t your reputation important?My teammates were attached to peace, and I was embraced by me.

This kind of thing will feel that there is a problem with my mother’s approach, but as a tool person who is crucial to the plot, she will not feel that it is wrong at all. In her heart, there is only Lin Shuxin.On the Internet about my breaking news, I just set off a bit of water, and even after I started clarifying, I was photographed by a bigger wave.I did not expect that Qin Yan and those neighbors would choose to help me. They recorded a video with the help of Qin Yan’s son, and said all my mother’s actions, mainly because my mother was eccentric.

He has been boasting in front of us, and he has been praising his sister. It is not sensible and intimate with our sister. The two sisters are one year behind. They are indeed like twins.Okay, I do n’t know why his mother hurt her sister. She had thrown her sister to her grandmother’s house since she was a child.Her sister liked to dance since she was a child. Her mother said that this was Xiayi, and she was seduced by men’s tricks. She said that she was cheap, shameful, and not allowed her to jump. She often kicked her out of the house.

My sister has a good temper and does not mind letting not let it jump at home. She jumps outside. My sister likes to watch TV. She said that she wants to be a big star on TV. Her mother is very supportive. She also sent her to institutional learning.The rooms were dismantled and converted into my sister’s cloakroom.When my sister returned, she didn’t even have a serious place to live.Later, she returned less.

Qin Shen crowded in front of people and said to the camera, and I was very sorry before. I was deceived by his mother, thinking that the person who danced on TV was comfortable.In the case, I am also confused. Where can I dance? I listen to them, as if I walked my life again, that muddy, like a chess piece without autonomyEven complaints cannot have supporting actors without thinking, the only purpose is to serve the protagonist.

My teammates also ended the platform for me, deleting my mother’s hammer directly, and did not dare to make the head.Just when I thought I could get rid of them like this, my mother found the theater. He looked at me as if he was about to eat someone. I doubted that I was not his daughter, but his killer.He said for granted. Your sister blamed you when he was born, and it hurts her to be responsible for being scolded now. You will resign and go home with me now, make a good crime to her, and serve her confinement.

Sorry, Ms. Chen can not understand what you said. Isn’t Lin Shuxin scolded by you?What does it have to do with me?My mother heard that I called her Ms. Chen’s eyes and her eyes were glaring. Her voice stretched out her fingers and scolded my nose. You little waves.What did you say?You dare to talk to me like this, I am your mother, and I take a step back and shake my head.Ms. Chen, you forgot, what you said, never recognizing my daughter, she paused, even more angry.I said that you have a few words, you still have revenge with me. You ca n’t say a few words of your daughter. You have been careful since you were a child. Why ca n’t you learn her generosity with Shu Xin?Now I do n’t care about you. You are still pretending to be here. I do n’t want to talk nonsense with you, and hurry up with me.Your sister is about to go to the audition.

Her child, you come to raise me like looking at himself, without his own thoughts and souls, everything he does is to serve the perfect life of the protagonist. It is really ridiculous.A tool I shouldn’t come out.Where can I communicate?I no longer care about him and want to go back. When he saw me, he was anxious and rushed up to catch me.Can’t you hear me?I want you to go back and you drive away. He fluttered too anxiously, and he fell on the steps without notice.The blood flowing blood was like this, and I didn’t forget to roar and let me resign and go back to Lin Shuxin to bring children.

I silently hit him, and gave him to the security guard and let him lie on the ground.I heard Uncle Bao’s doubt: Is he really your daughter?Nonsense, he is not my daughter, is it your daughter?But how can there be such a good child like a child?My mother immediately retorted: He is excellent.My younger daughter is excellent, but he is a big star in the future, and he will protect you in the future.

But your eldest daughter is already the main dance of the National Theater. Is it better than any star?My mother said something, and then silent.As soon as I arrived in the practice room, Shen Mo’s phone came in again, and I hacked his number.He played with a strange number.Lin Shuran: Are you making trouble?Hurry back and hurry back.Shu Xin needs to take care of the confinement, and the child needs to take care of it, and the child will give it to you.I will take care of it.I hung up the phone directly, and I didn’t even have a word of scolding him.I do n’t know if I should laugh at the IQ or the IQ of the author for a while. Is this line really normal?Is it disgusting?

Soon it was hit with a strange number, and I didn’t plan to pick it up, and it took five or six in a row.He still kept fighting, so he had to pick it up again, ready to make it clear to him.Who knew that he would criticize me as soon as he spoke.Li Shuran, I will give you the last chance again. You come back to take care of your child. I will marry you when the child is three years old. Otherwise, I will never forgive you again. You will never have the opportunity to be with me.

This time I really couldn’t bear it, so disgusting.My voice was not loud, the speed was not fast, and it sounded a little bit warm.Do you want to hear what you call in the dog?Do you want to soak urine?Take your dog face.I am married to you, what are you doing in the spring and autumn dream?Have we broken up?If you want to take care of your favorite woman, take care of it.Can’t you take care of it?You look for a nanny and ask me to take care of you.The beloved woman tells the truth with his child, what grade, do you match?

By the way, I remind you that Lin Shuxin’s child’s father is about to appear. If you do n’t hurry up and lick, you will have no chance. Do n’t bother me to lick the dog disgusting.As soon as I was about to get silent, Lin Shuxin’s voice call arrived again. I took a deep breath and said, "Why don’t you let me go?Can the fate of the supporting role only surround the protagonist?Can’t I escape?Sister, don’t you still be angry, right?Don’t be so stingy, come and see your niece, I have worked hard to stay away from the heroine of Lin Shuxin.But our partial points seemed to be around him.I try to stay away from as much as possible, and I can’t get close to his initiative.I had no place in my house early.So I lived outside the house that I rented before. I finally saved enough down payment the previous year. I bought a set of two bedrooms that belonged to me and the decoration was very ordinary.

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