"Leek" incense is not afraid of the village!Relieve in the chives made of Rizhao Nanling Village, eat with confidence!

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Reporter Sui Zhongwei Li Hao Li Xinyue

On March 27, the leek planting base in Nanling Village, Guanguan Town, Wulian County, rows of leeks one by one.In the greenhouse, the leeks are lush and the roots are thick.Each of the leek from here has its own "ID card". Take out the mobile phone to scan the traceability code. All the information is clear at a glance.

It is reported that every time it was launched in January, starting at 8 am, the leek greenhouse cuts the heights to cut the leek towards the heavens and the earth.The villagers picked up the cut -off leeks and sent them to cities such as Rizhao, Qingdao, Jiangsu and other cities for sales.

"I started planting two or three decades ago. At that time, the output was not high and I couldn’t make any money. In recent years, the villages have developed leek in greenhouses, scientific management.Yes, I can make money. "Although it is very hard, the grower Wang Guixiu is very satisfied.

In the greenhouse of another leek grower Wu Zhiyi, he was bringing the workers to harvest the leeks. The tender green leeks were tied up and put them in a bamboo basket and waited for the guest merchants to be reserved at noon to come to the acquisition.Wu Zhiyi said that the price of leeks this year is about four pieces. He can produce 1,233 pounds of sheds, the income is OK, and the sales volume is also good.

It is understood that Nanling Village has more than 40 years of leek planting history, and is a well -known professional village of leek planting.In recent years, Diao Guan Town has vigorously supported the development of leek planting in Nanling Village. The existing planting area of the village has more than 200 acres, leek growers have reached 80%.

In 2021, Wang Lianwu, Secretary of the Party Branch of the village, led the establishment of Nanling Vegetable Professional Cooperative to implement unified planting, unified management, unified production, unified packaging, and unified sales of leek.Variety.The latest WT-RO2 smart digital pesticide residue detector has also been introduced to check all the pesticide residues of leeks produced to ensure that each batch of leeks sold are green healthy foods.In 2021, Nanling Village was rated as a provincial famous village at the provincial local industry. In 2022, the chives of Nanling Village were once again identified as non -risk agricultural products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which successfully launched the Nanling Leek brand.

Good mountains and good water out of good chives, "Nanling Leek" is close to the Chaobai River. Its sandy soil quality, excellent water source and unified scientific management make the planting leeks excellent and good taste.Taste.Earlier this year, he pushed the "New Year’s Head Head Leek" and successfully launched the Nanling Leek brand. Some high -quality leeks sold more than 4,500 pounds at an average price of 30 yuan, of which the high -quality Zhuye green market price was as high as 68 yuan/jin.As of now, Sandao and leeks have basically been sold. It is expected that the transaction value is more than 1.2 million yuan, and the average dividend of cooperative households will be divided into 21,000 yuan, which will drive the village to increase the income of more than 100,000 yuan.The agricultural spare time in the village can go to the leek sheds of the cooperatives in the village to carry out the management of weeding, which drives the average income of 16 elderly people to increase the income of 8,000 yuan.

The rise of Nanling Village has laid a rural quick lane for the surrounding villages. Tongguan Village, Tsuki Tou, Huashan and other villages use their strength to develop and take advantage of the potential.Multiple farmers realized employment at their doorstep, and "Little Leek" finally made "big articles".

In recent years, Wu Lian County has been based on resource advantages. Due to the village system, one village and one product, continuously optimizing the agricultural industrial structure, taking the road of industrialized branding, more than 20 special planting villages have been developed, which greatly promotedAgricultural efficiency and farmers increase their income.

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