"Itchy" in the body may not be allergic, or "visit" for thyroid cancer, and check early

As we all know, itching of skin is a common symptom in life.It is generally divided into two cases, causing mosquito bites or skin allergies.

However, if it is itching for unknown reasons and no obvious traces, and the continuous cycle is longer, then the probability is caused by "cancer cells".

Case: 26 -year -old Xiaojiang, suddenly itchy face appeared three months ago, and it was difficult to swallow.At first, she thought it was an ordinary allergy, so she took some anti -allergic drugs.

However, in the next time, the discomfort has not been alleviated at all.Even the neck began to itch, always had difficulty breathing, her limbs were weak, and they couldn’t raise their spirits.Aware of the abnormalities, Xiaojiang went to the hospital for examination.Through her neck color photo, the doctor diagnosed her as thyroid cancer.

This made Xiaojiang a lot of shock. I didn’t understand why the skin itching was thyroid cancer?

1. Face itching

Many people are curious why the face itching is related to thyroid.This is due to the development of thyroid cancer, which may be accompanied by liver metastasis, which will lead to increased human bilirubin and jaundice.

In addition, thyroid disease has a certain effect on hormones. The abnormal metabolic function of the human body will cause rough, itchy and even acne conditions on the face.

2. Itchy neck

Due to the particularity of the thyroid position, when there is a problem, the surrounding trachea, breathing, and esophagus will be oppressed, which will cause itching and weak upper limbs.

And with the continuous growth of nodules, patients will also have hoarseness, severe night sweats, and difficulty swallowing.Therefore, when the above symptoms appear, you must seek medical treatment in time.

● The thyroid disease has certain genetic factors. Therefore, it is recommended that people pay attention to checking;

● During pregnancy and menopausal women, the hormone in the body is high, and more precautions should be prevented in diet;

● The people of emotional fluctuations are relatively angry, melancholy, irritable, anxiety, etc., should adjust more emotional changes;

● Long -term contact with radioactive substances or electronic products, can prevent the neck position more;

● People who have lived in too much iodine intake for a long time should be cautious.

1. Supplement Chinese herbal medicine, such as Bai Ji

During the condition of the condition, in addition to maintaining a light diet, patients can also supplement some Chinese herbal medicines with homologous medicines to consume good nutritional elements that are beneficial to the body, and Bai Yan is a good choice.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Bai Ji is warm and has the effects of swelling and purulent, pushing and pain relief.The "Compendium of Materia Medica" also mentioned that licorice can relieve the "five internal organs of the cold and summer evil", which is very beneficial to thyroid disease. Drinking water can effectively relieve pain.

However, a single ingredients have very limited effects, so you can use some slightly complicated Chinese medicine prescriptions, such as gold and silver flowers, wolfberry, licorice, malt, and baocci, or comprehensive nutrients, such as Kangviter.

In addition, the matching of honeysuckle, wolfberry, and bellflower can make the damaged armor cells recover well; the selenium element contained in malt can give cells a certain nutritional support, improve the microcirculation inside the gland, speed up the body’s bodyBlood flow rate, while helping to better restore thyroid health.

2. Exercise

Participating in some exercise every day is very good for the human body.Not only can it strengthen the bones, but also improve resistance, and it is more beneficial to physical and mental health.

3. Regular inspection

As you grow older, you should develop a good habit of regular medical examinations.In the long run, it can not only understand the physical condition, but also have a cognition of the development of the disease, and it also has a certain positive effect on the thyroid gland.”Daily health small common sense”

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