"In order to get a gift, my boyfriend proposes to be pregnant before marriage. If you give birth to a son, should I agree?"

A few days ago, a reader asked me: Should the leftover girl be gifts?

After reading this question, I asked the other party: Who stipulated that only young and beautiful girls can we have to gift?

Why can’t you enjoy the same treatment?Why do I have to put on the label of the leftover girl with a little older girl?

Some women worked hard and worked hard when they were young. They wanted to make themselves better, just to get rid of the "women’s useless" rhetoric in the society and made their lights be seen, not the "cheap woman" in the eyes of the world.

In my opinion, they do not need to be wronged because of their age problems, and even think about their love.


I received a letter from a girl.

The girl named Chen Shuang, 35 years old, was already a big girl in the eyes of others, so she met a man, called Zhong Nan through the introduction of relatives.

The two have been in contact for nearly half a year and are planning to get married.

As a result, when the two sides talked about the gift, they were a little unhappy.When Chen Shuang’s mother looked at Zhongnan’s family, it was about 80,000 color gifts. The man’s parents were unhappy as soon as they heard it. They thought that Chen Shuang was 35 this year, and she was not a young girl.Either reduce it.

Chen Shuang’s mother felt that her daughter was older, and she had been able to raise her own flesh for many years. In addition, her daughter looked good and graduated from a famous university.After the two, the two were not negotiated, and the matter was settled, so Zhong Nan’s mother asked her son to tell Chen Shuang to see if it could be reduced.

Zhong Nan went to find Chen Shuang to discuss, and Chen Shuang thought that he was big anyway, so he asked his mother to loosen her mouth, and then finalized the 60,000 color gifts.

I didn’t expect some people to be greedy. Zhong Nan’s mother still felt that the gift was too high. Although her family was not unable to afford it, the woman was so old that she did not know if she could have children after marrying.The grandson loses money in vain.

So Zhong Nan’s mother gave her son an idea, telling her son to get Chen Shuang first, and after the child gave birth to a male or female, it would be possible to give her if a son was a gift.Bar.

Fortunately, Zhong Nan is a buns. He described his mother’s words to Chen Shuang to listen. The name is to respect the other party, so that Chen Shuang simply agreed.

After Chen Shuang listened, he asked me to ask me, "In order to reduce the gift, I will get pregnant before marriage.


After reading this letter, I really lamented the people now, and I could do so much about reducing the gift.

I just want to tell the girl: What are you still doing such a man?Don’t say that you are pregnant with your son, and the other party gives you a gift, then your future marriage is also difficult to be happy!

Marriage is not to make your own life, nor is it a good fortune.

You can think about girls yourself, what are you getting married, is it just to get rid of the title of the remaining girl and become a wife with a husband and another family?

I think many older girls who are in a hurry to marry themselves have not figured out what the essence of marriage is. It is a carrier of inheritance of happiness. It is a comfortable and warm leaning that allows you to have a comfortable and warm.

Marriage should be for happiness, not to end.

You can think about it. Before the marriage, the man not only did not want to make a gift before marriage, but also after the woman’s demand was reduced, but also aggressively came up with another kind of violation of morals to make a woman unmarried first.

If you have a son, then the man can inherit the incense, and the 60,000 color gift will not lose. If they are daughters, they will continue to lower the gift, or delay the marriage period until you regenerate a son.Essence

I have to say that sometimes I really sympathize with some "leftover women" who are anxious to marry. They use their youthful bonus to win the achievements today, but they have to degrade themselves because of age problems.

So, how about you 35 years old?You are excellent enough and capable enough. After so many years of hard work, isn’t it just to find someone who is equal to you?


I really hope that the excellent elderly girls who are anxious to marry can think about the original intention of my hard work.

When you walk on your own life trajectory, you want to make yourself excellent and light out, you should not be willing to be willing to reach a certain age.The most ordinary and who accepts years of compromise.

But when you really meet a person who can make you heart and be good enough to you, you can be brave and confident, and you don’t have to be wronged to stand by him."And" I deserve everything you pay for me. "

So here, I also hope that all excellent elderly girls should not easily compromise because of their age. Even if you really can’t wait, please find someone who is really suitable for you to be with you in your heart.

Today’s topic: Have you ever met the man to make some unreasonable requirements in order to reduce the gift?

Welcome everyone to participate in the message.


Author: Kaizi

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