"I’m pregnant, you have to be responsible!" After the man "hi Dada", there was another mystery

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Special reminder: This article is a real case, which aims to use cases to pocket the law and have no bad guidance.

"I’m pregnant, you have to be responsible"

Guo, who had a happy family and a wealthy life, suddenly received an unfamiliar friend application, and was surprised to find that he was a father!

However, no one expected that behind the surprise, there was an unknown secret.

So what happened to Guo Mouxi as father?What kind of conspiracy is hidden behind this, and who is behind it?

One day, Guo brushed short videos in his luxury apartment as usual, and suddenly a friend’s application attracted his attention.

Guo is a famous businessman. WeChat adds either a friend he is familiar with or a customer with business. Most people have no way to get Guo’s WeChat contact information.

At this time, Guo Mou also had a vigilant psychology, but a word of strange text messages gave Guo a sudden agreeing to his friend’s invitation.

"Brother Guo, I’m Yang introduced by Boss Xiao"

This sentence suddenly pulled Guo’s memory back to more than twenty years ago.

Guo’s ancestral ancestors were born in Jiangsu. They have been talented and intelligent since they were young. They have a step forward, no matter what they learn, they also have a set of people in the world. It perfectly inherits the various advantages of Jiangsu people.

After graduating from college, Guo saw the opportunity, resolutely gave up the opportunity to continue his studies and devoted himself to his career operation.

Because Guo himself has a high learning talent, coupled with accurate predicting the industry’s wind direction and national policy, he quickly made a lot of money. He was a young age and was successful at a young age.A proper successful person.

However, due to the rich material life at a young age, Guo began to become a little indulgent and began to indulge in the life of paper drunk gold fans.

As the so -called food and satisfactory desire, even though his wife has already waited at home, he can’t stop Guo’s pursuit of desire.

Twenty days ago, Guo had a drink and chat with friends as usual. After a while pushing the cup, everyone was drunk.

At this time, Guo Mou suddenly said, "Whoever knows young girls introduce, the family is a bit tired."

At this point, everyone laughed. Which of the successful people in the eyes of people, how could they not know a few young girls.

After the party, Xiao took the initiative to contact Guo, and told him in private that there were young and beautiful girls here, but the girl might need to pay for the girl to come out to play.

When Guo heard it, he felt that it was not a problem, so he chatted with young girls through Xiao Mou’s introduction.

After a few days of online chat, Guo and a woman named Yang was very happy. The two chatted from poetry and songs to astronomical geography, and finally talked about marriage life.People who fit with themselves.

It didn’t take long for Guo to invite Yang to meet in private, and Yang readily agreed.After meeting offline, Guo knew that Yang was only seventeen years old. This is undoubtedly a huge temptation for Guo, who started to enter the middle age.

After a series of dating, the two naturally had a relationship.

Guo thought this was a beautiful encounter. He never thought that Yang Mou asked Guo to pay money the next day, otherwise he would report to the alarm in the name of rape.The price reached an agreement, and Yang no longer investigated the relevant responsibility.

After returning home, Guo Mou thought more and more angry. When he was angry, he deleted Xiao’s contact information and the mobile app recommended by Xiao Mou, and threw this matter behind this.

When I saw the news of Yang again, an inexplicable anger came into being, and quickly applied through a friend. I wanted to scold the dissatisfaction in my heart. I didn’t expect Yang’s first sentence, and immediately poured a pot of a pot of Guo’s head.cold water.

"I’m pregnant, you have to be responsible"

In a word, like a thunderbolt, he bombed in Guo’s mind. For a moment, Guo thought of his career, status, and love would be impacted because of the appearance of this child.

But Guo also understood people. After Yang’s last time, it was clear that Yang also came for money this time.And for the authenticity of his words, Guo still has a doubtful attitude.So Guo asked Yang to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, and then judged the authenticity of his words.

The next day, Yang really issued a series of proofs such as the hospital diagnostic report and pregnancy test report. This time, Guo was a little panicked. In order to keep his career, reputation, and family, Guo decidedYang reported a price and ended the farce.

After Yang’s calculation, including medical expenses, nutritional expenses, misrepresents, etc., a total of 20,000 yuan. After seeing the price, Guo thought that he was still within his own acceptable range, so he quickly put the money into Yang’s bank account.Things are ended to avoid incidents.

"Mr. Guo, have you had a private transfer of 20,000 yuan recently, and the police need you to cooperate with the investigation."

In a short time, Guo’s heart mentioned again mentioned his throat again. Whether it was sexual relationships with minors or money transactions, it was undoubtedly unsatisfactory.

At this time, Guo Mou secretly scolded in his heart that Yang was so honest. After receiving the money, he reported his behavior to the police backhand, so that he lost his wife and folded his soldiers.

When Guo Mounan confessed to the police, the accident happened again. After in -depth conversation with the police, Guo found that things did not seem to be as simple as he thought.

"I’m scamming?"

It turns out that Xiao is the leader of a prostitution gang together. There are about five women who have suffered sufficient feet under their hands to work. The main activity is in various high -end places in Jiangsu. It provides a channel for wealthy merchants who desire young girls.Women who lose their feet are charged.And Yang is a member of the woman who lost her feet.

Shortly after Guo Mou and Yang had a relationship, Xiao learned from Yang’s speech that the two did not take safety measures at that time, and a plan to make money quietly came to Xiao Mou’s heart.

Xiao Mou used Guo’s unwillingness to be revealed. He deliberately asked Yang to contact Guo again and lied to his pregnancy. He bought a false pregnancy test report from the hospital to deceive Guo to convince him and obtain 20,000 yuan.Tiger resettlement costs.Only because the hospitals who purchased the false pregnancy test report were reported and investigated, this caused Xiao’s behavior to occur.

1. What legal consequences should Guo and Yang have a relationship?

In this case, Guo had a family business, but he still had sex with Yang, which was obviously derailed in marriage.

According to the "People’s Republic of China", the couples should be faithful, respecting each other, and mutual love.

Guo’s behavior obviously violates the principle of loyalty between husband and wife. At this time, the behavior of Guo and Yang belongs to the derailment of marriage, and it does not constitute a cohabitation relationship. ThereforeAs an wrong party, Guo’s property and property that the husband and wife obtained during divorce should be reduced.

Secondly, the sexual relationship between Guo and Yang.

According to the "Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China", behaviors such as prostitution and prostitution are strictly prohibited.

Guo’s behavior may constitute a rampant, and may receive a fine of fifteen days and 5,000 yuan. If the plot is mild, it will be detained or fined 500 yuan.

In the end, because Yang belonged to minors, Guo knew that Yang was still sexual relationship with him as a minor.

According to the "Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China", the sexual relationship with rape is arguing with rape, and the sexual relationship of minors who have reached twelve twelve, and know the constituent rape of the actual age.

Although Yang is a minor in this case, his actual age is 17 years old and belongs to the active relationship with Guo. Therefore, Guo does not constitute a crime of rape and is not assumed criminal legal responsibility.

2. What kind of legal responsibility should Yang’s behavior in this case

After the sexual relationship between Yang and Guo in this case, it threatened Guo to report to the police if he did not give money.

According to the "Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China", Yang’s behavior constitutes prostitution.

Therefore, Yang must be punished by fines and administrative detention.

Not only that, Yang’s threat.

According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, for the purpose of illegal possession, extortion of others’ property constitutes a crime of extortion.

In this case, Yang asked the police to pay for the police and asked Guo to pay for the capital, because the capital belonging to the right to request the property request, so Yang’s behavior was not legitimate and constituted the crime of extortion.

In the end, Yang sent a message to deceive Guo’s pregnancy to ask for payment.

According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, for the purpose of illegal possession, the means of deception is used to deceive others’ large property to constitute a crime of fraud.

Yang adopted the fact that he had fictional pregnancy and asked Guo for the false expenditure of the relevant expenses. There was the purpose of illegally possession of property. Guo transferred 20,000 yuan to Yang because of the false facts, which was large, so Yang constituted a crime of fraud.

3. Xiao Mou’s behavior in this case shall bear those legal responsibilities

In this case, Xiao introduced Guo to the behavior of the Dating APP.

According to the Criminal Law of the Central People’s Republic of China, the organization of others is organized to organize prostitution, seduce, accommodate, and introduce prostitution, and constitutes the crime and seduction of prostitution, tolerance, and introduction of prostitution.

In this case, Xiao himself is the leader of the prostitution group, and organizes other people to prostitution.

However, the behavior of Guo Mouzhu could not be determined to introduce prostitution. The reason was that Xiao himself organized prostitution and introduced the relationship between the means of means and purpose. Therefore, Xiao’s behavior only constituted the crime of organizing prostitution.

Secondly, although Yang was a minor, Xiao did not force him to perform prostitution, so Xiao did not constitute a legal plot that forced minor prostitution.

In the end, Xiao asked Yang to send pregnancy information and proactively printing the pregnancy test to prove to deceive Guo.

According to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, for the purpose of illegal possession, the means of deception is used to deceive others’ large property to constitute a crime of fraud.

At this time, Xiao Mou and Yang constituted a common crime of fraud. Because Yang was Xiao Mou’s hands, he thought that Xiao was a dominant relationship with Yang. Yang did not assume the responsibility of fraud.Concerning and planning each other, so the two constitute a crime of fraud.

This case tells us that we remember not to cross the red line of the law. When the first step across the legal red line is, the following is a greater conspiracy and trap.

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