"I, after 6 months of pregnancy, I found that there is a March fetus in the uterus."

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Hello everyone in the morning, I am Ayue.

A few days ago when I brushed Xiaohongshu, I suddenly saw a video, saying: When a person is pregnant, he can get pregnant again. This phenomenon is called "different stages of pregnancy".Ovulation, fertilized pregnancy, although in the same uterus, the appearance of the two fetuses is completely different.

Some people from the comment area said: Really, my first child was 6 months pregnant, and found that there was another three -month -old fetus in the uterus; but because I couldn’t grab the big fetus, I was absorbed.

After reading it, I was really surprised!How much is this fantasy?So we invited Aunt Weng, an obstetrician and gynecologist, and let her come to our popular science: Will people really get pregnant again after pregnancy?How did this phenomenon happen?

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Can I really get pregnant again after pregnancy?

Generally speaking, not.

Under normal pregnancy, when the fertilized eggs are bed in the palace, as the pregnancy progresses, it nourishes a large amount of choric membrane to promote gonadotropin (HCG). Under the action of HCGHigh -level progesterone and estrogen, higher estrogen, can maintain both pregnancy, but also inhibit the lower mulch brain -pituitary -ovarian axis, making the ovaries without follicle development and ovulation.

Not only that, the cervix during pregnancy will produce a thing called mucus plug, which prevents Mi Qingzi from passing through the cervix again; the peristalsis of the fallopian tube becomes slower, and the endometrium will change.Planting.A series of changes in hormones and body also prevents women from getting ovulation and conception again after pregnancy.

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What causes "different stages of pregnancy"?

However, there have been reports about women’s pregnancy again after pregnancy, that is, reports of pregnancy.

What is different stages of pregnancy?Extra -term pregnancy refers to the ovulation of another cycle when the pregnant woman already has fertilized eggs in the body.

Why do these women have abnormal physiological processes in their bodies? What are the causes of different stages of pregnancy?

Extra -term pregnancy in natural state is very rare. Most of them are reports of cases, and there are very few related studies. It is speculated that the cause of different stages of pregnancy may occur twice., HCG, which is elevated in the blood after pregnancy, stimulates the second wave of follicles and ovulates, which occurs two pregnancy, that is, a variety of pregnancy.

As for how long the development interval between the two follicles should be, there is no clear regulation in medicine.

Compared with different periods of pregnancy, there are still rehabilitation in the same period.During the same period, the twin of women’s excretion of two eggs at different times usually refers to the two sexual interval between two sexual interval within 24 ~ 48 hours.Due to the short intervals, the double -egg twins (fertilization at the same time) we often say during the same period are difficult to distinguish.If Mi Qingzi comes from different men, that is, the two -egg twin babies, the incidence of this situation is extremely low, and there are currently less than 20 cases.

Most women can only form one mature follicles in a menstrual cycle and ovulate ovulation. At the same time, the incidence of double eggs with two eggs and naturally conceive is low, and there are significant differences in the world.

Studies have shown that the proportion of double eggs for natural conception is: 1.3/1000 in Japan, about 8/1000 in the United States and Europe, and the spontaneous twins in black people are more common than white people.With the development of auxiliary reproductive technology, the use of ovulation -promoting drugs has significantly increased the incidence of twins.

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Is there really a situation of "big absorption"?

When the twins are pregnant, the first child is far from the second child, and even the small one will absorb the small ones. Is this really the case?

In 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, the ultrasound examination can be preliminarily determined whether it is a single or twin according to the number of pregnancy sacs in the palace.

Generally speaking, if there are two gestational sacs in the uterine cavity, there are two yolk cycles or fetal buds, that is, the preliminary judgment is double -egg twin. If you only see one gestational sacThe fetal heart, the single egg twin.

Pregnancy or pregnancy at the same time is determined after the time of conception through ultrasound examination.The size of the fetus for pregnancy during the early pregnancy is basically the same, and the size of the fetus for pregnancy in different stages is very different.

With the advancement of pregnancy time, in the middle and late pregnancy, the development of some twins may be different, even the Single Intrauterine Fetal Demise (SIUFD).

Of course, SIUFD will also occur during early pregnancy, and the probability is higher than in the middle and late pregnancy.The cause of the two fetuses is inaccurate and the cause of SIUFD is diverse. There may be a fetus itself: such as the abnormality of the fetus its own chromosomes, which causes development; and the abnormal development of the placental function causes limited growth or even death.

SIUFD occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. The gradual shrinking of the stopped fetus may be absorbed. It may be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding and discomfort in a short time. The adverse effects of the surviving fetus are generally not great, and they can continue to develop normally.

If SIUFD appears in the middle of pregnancy or in the third trimester, it may often cause adverse effects such as premature births such as coagulation (DIC) and surviving fetuses.

In general, ultrasound plays an important role in multi -pregnancy pregnancy. It helps us recognize whether it is multiple pregnancy and check the pregnancy weeks of each fetus in early pregnancy. In the process of pregnancy, we can also understand whether the embryo is normal through ultrasound monitoring.In the growth, whether there is limited growth or abnormalities in the fetal death palace.

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What are the risks of "different stages of pregnancy"?

The probability of pregnancy is extremely low. Only a large number of cases are reported. From the perspective of domestic cases, risk of ectopic pregnancy is often accompanied by ectopic pregnancy.

Most of the pregnancy pregnancy is considered to be the fertilized eggs after bed in the uterine cavity. The HCG produced by nourishing cells promotes the development of follicles in the ovary and ovulates. Mi Qingzi enters the fallopian tube fertilization after the embryo of the uterine cavity.Weakened, the second fertilized egg was easy to bed in the fallopian tube, causing merging in the palace.

In the early days of the palace pregnancy, the pregnancy sac structure will occur, and the outer block or pregnancy sac will appear later. The thinking inertia of the ultrasound doctor or obstetrician and gynecologist. Once you see the intrauterine pregnancy sacOutside the situation, clinical missed diagnosis will occur.

In the same period, there will be a compound pregnancy in the palace. The inside environment is better than the outside of the palace. Therefore, embryos planted in the palace often develop well. First of all, the ultrasound is detected. The out -of -palace environment is poor. The embryo is often delayed.If you cannot diagnose in time, there will be risk of major bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

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