"Humming Diary": It is not a good thing to swell during pregnancy!

One of my girlfriends especially likes to eat in her life. Even after she was pregnant, she couldn’t stop her from eating.The first thing she gets up every morning is to go to the toilet. Even so, she also likes food.When she was pregnant for two or three months, the previous pregnant vomiting phenomenon also decreased significantly, and then she indulged herself even more and ate all the things she wanted to eat.

Then after getting up the next day, she felt very uncomfortable after getting up, and her stomach was obviously big. She was very scared in her heart and thought how the baby grew so fast, so she hurriedly woke up the lover next to her and took her to the hospital to seeEssenceThe doctor’s examination results made my girlfriend blushing particularly, and my stomach became bigger because my girlfriend couldn’t hold it.

Many pregnant mothers may have bloating, especially in a few months before pregnancy, it is more likely to have flatulence, and if you can’t control your mouth at this stage, you will only make your belly.The situation of the gas is even more serious, and the situation of my girlfriend is caused by flatulence of the stomach. The doctor said that it makes my girlfriend do not have to worry too much, as long as the garbage and gas in the belly is out of.

Those expectant mothers during pregnancy must pay attention to these things.

First, eat less meals, do not overeating.

Because after women are pregnant, there will be a pregnancy reaction, and the function of the stomach and intestines will decrease.Instead, their sense of smell will become more sensitive than before, as long as they taste a little, they will make them want to vomit.As a result, doctors suggest that in order to prevent this, how to slowly be overeating when you are pregnant, eat less meals, and chew it a few times when you eat, so that things can be fully digested.

Second, drink plenty of water in life.

First of all, water is particularly important to people, and it is more important to Baoma.Women should drink plenty of water after pregnancy. In the months when they are about to give birth, pay more attention to hydrating to prevent constipation. On average, drink about seven glasses of water a day.

Third, the food you usually eat must be rich in nutrients.

After women are pregnant, she and her baby need a lot of nutrition. Do not care about her mouth, because this is not good for herself and children, which will not only affect the child’s absorption of nutrition, but also cause it like me.This girlfriend is such a similar situation.The recipes of expectant mothers in life should be rationally matched, not only contain what they like, but also have vegetables and fruits to ensure balanced nutrition.

It should be noted that after pregnancy, avoid eating some potatoes, pumpkin and other foods rich in starch to avoid flatulence in the stomach.

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