"Healthy" pregnancy for women’s 4 great benefits, do you know?

Many people know that pregnancy is a very difficult process, and it will bring a lot of trouble: the appetite is poor, the skin is colored spots, the body is in shape, the mental weakness, etc., but the benefits of pregnancy can bring to women.But I don’t know … then, the four great benefits of pregnancy for women, do you know?

Women’s breeding process increases the body’s immunity

Related research materials show that if women have a complete fertility experience, they can increase their immunity for 10 years.Obstetricians believe that unprecedented women are prone to hormone -dependent diseases, such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and the incidence of benign tumors and ovarian cancer in women who have not been born.Women.Due to the effective protection of women who are not fertilized, they have higher incidence of breast cancer and endometriosis.

Breast problems decrease

Many clinical data show that breastfeeding can reduce women’s breast risk.Under the action of long -term high estrogen, not fertilizing women, the possibility of breast hyperplasia and other benign breast diseases is also higher than that of women.Experts believe that because women stop ovulation during pregnancy, women who have never been pregnant or have not breastfeed are more likely to develop breast cancer.

Women who have given birth may delay menopause

In the life of women, although there are 100,000 primitive follicles, only 400-500 eggs can develop and discharge, accompanied by ovulation stop, and the coming period of menopause allows women to enter the elderly.The role of hormones makes ovarian ovulation in the pregnant woman, and it is restored only from the 4th to 6 months of lactation, which may cause women who have giving birth to be menopause.After entering the old age, the body changes, fat or thin, these are caused by hormone changes, and there is no inevitable connection with whether women have giving birth.Therefore, fear of aging early, changes in the body and not fertility, is very unfavorable to women’s health.

Reduce dysmenorrhea

Shortly menstruation will recover, but the painful dysmenorrhea is reduced. Some women are basically gone after production, but no one understands the reason.One possibility is that fertility eliminates some prostaglandin receptor points in the uterus. Prostagonine is a hormone with multiple function and can shrink the uterus during exercise. This is one of the reasons for dysmenorrhea.

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