"Headache powder" is cheap and has a strong treatment effect. Why don’t doctors recommend patients to use?

Headache is one of the most common symptoms of clinical practice. About 90 % of people each year will have different degrees of acute and chronic headaches. It is because of the generality of headaches and cannot bear it. Many people will adhere to the "headache medical head head"The principle, as long as you have a pain, directly find headache medicine to eat.

When it comes to headache, "headache powder" can be regarded as "star product". The price of a few cents per bag can be affordable. In addition, the effect of analgesia is strong, and it has always been highly sought after, but this medicine doctor is not recommended,Why is this?

Headache powder usually refers to glycolin, which is a white powder -like compound preparation, including aspirin, acetaminol, and caffeine. It can be used to treat the fever caused by normal colds and popular colds.Mild moderate pain, such as headache, joint pain, migraine, toothache, etc., need to be used under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Ahcaol dishes mainly by reducing prostaglandin content and the impulse to suppress the pain nervous system to achieve analgesic effect. The main effect of Ah Caolol San is to relieve heat and analgesic.Wait, leading to normal colds, influenza, cause fever, pain and other symptoms. At this time, you can be treated with glycols under the guidance of a doctor.

Ahcaol is also used to relieve mild to moderate pain, such as headache, joint pain, dysmenorrhea, etc.The side effects often appear in gastrointestinal tract reactions, such as vomiting, nausea, etc. In severe cases, adverse reactions such as rash, urticaria, and itching of the skin may occur.

If patients have adverse reactions during the period of taking glycolol, it is recommended to stop the drug in time in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and use drugs such as citrus pornographic tablets and pinrathin tablet for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

During the use of glycol, you cannot take other heat -relieving analgesic drugs at the same time, such as ibuprofen sustained release capsules, acetyamidol tablets, etc., and you cannot drink alcohol during use, nor can you drink alcoholic drinks.

The general -purpose headache powder is called glycolin, which is a kind of heat -relieving analgesic, consisting of aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminol.It is mostly used for fever caused by colds, and can also be used to relieve severe headaches, such as headache, joint pain, dysmenorrhea, and muscle pain.

Because the price is cheap, many people will abuse, and a bag of headache will be used as soon as there is any pain in the body, but it is easy to bring a negative effect on the body.

The aspirin contained in the headache powder, the component of the acetaminophenol, is easy to induce gastric mucosal damage for a long time, which causes gastric ulcer and gastric bleeding.Some patients may also cause liver and kidney damage, seriously cause liver and kidney failure and threaten life safety.

In addition, if the caffeine contained in headache powder has a large amount of intake for a long time, it will cause a series of acute and chronic physiological changes, including decreased cognitive function, depression, fatigue, and headache, which will cause the body to produce drug tolerance and dependence.

1. Pregnant women, lactating women

2. Answing, nasal polyps, and allergies to aspirin and other heat -relieving analgesic drugs

3. Those who reduce blood platelets and platelets

4. Active hemorrhagic disease

5. Severe liver and kidney dysfunction

1. It can cover up the condition. Pain is a mechanism of self -protection. We will go to the hospital to see a doctor in time. If you have been eating headache powder, the symptoms will be covered, and the timing of medical treatment will be delayed.

2. Beauty is a kind of mental activity material with addiction. Long -term consumption of headache powder can damage the coagulation function, cause red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and cause bleeding more than bleeding; damage to liver and kidney function, can also cause listening nerve functionObstacles cause tinnitus, dizziness, decreased hearing, etc. In severe cases, even electrolyte disorders will occur, the most often causes hypokalemia, and even causes cardiac arrest.

3. Allergies, causing rash, urticaria, vascular neurophard, allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis, among which asthma is the most common.

4. Damage to the hematopoietic function, cause red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and severe cases can cause regenerative disorder anemia.

5. Damage to hearing, leading to dysfunction of the hearing nerve, causing tinnitus, dizziness, and hearing decreased.After a long -term danger of eating headache, be sure to quit, and don’t continue to eat it. This will have problems.There are symptoms of pain in the body. Be sure to go to the hospital to find the root of pain. Don’t just take painkillers to cover up.Pregnancy during medication needs to be stopped.

1. Drug control

If the following situations occur, preventive drug treatment can be considered in the intermittent period of migraine headache.The core purpose of prevention is to use headaches to prevent drugs regularly, which effectively reduces the incidence of headaches, rather than passively relieve pain during acute attacks.

You can choose to be reproduced by traditional Chinese medicine. It is mild in nature. It has no side effects and does not hurt the stomach. It can improve blood vessel spasm and relieve headache.

In addition, migraine treatment can also be controlled to a certain extent through non -drug control, such as healthy diet and regular exercise.

2. Diet aspect

Eat more magnesium foods. If there is insufficient magnesium in the body, it may cause headaches.In addition to relaxing muscle and regulating blood flow, magnesium can also reduce the risk of migraine headache.Avoid overeating, overeating, eating high -fat foods and alcohol, and avoiding the excitement of cheese, chocolate, smoked fish, and food. Do not drink too much coffee, ice cream, raw milk, lemon juice or red wine.

Orally, adults 1 pack at a time. If you continue to fever or pain, you can use the medicine once every 4-6 hours, and do not exceed 4 times within 24 hours.

Adverse reactions:

1. The more common gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, upper abdomen discomfort or pain.

2. Rare or rare are: ① gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcers, more common in patients with large doses of this product; ② allergic bronchial asthma; ③ rash, urticaria, itching of the skin, etc.damage.


1. For 3-7 days of medication, the symptoms have not been relieved. Please consult a physician or pharmacist.

2. Inadequate gout heart function, nasal hemorrhage monthly, and those with hemolytic anemia with caution.

3. Use cautiously with liver and renal dysfunction.

4. You must not drink alcohol during taking this product

5. Disables when the pharmaceutical character is changed.

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