"Gingivitis" during pregnancy also harms the fetus?Don’t ignore the mothers of small teeth!

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Recently, a patient with gums with gums in Changsha Stomatology Hospital was shocked when we first saw it, because with the continuous improvement of medical conditions, this broad -period periodic abscess is now extremely rare.

Director Wu Hao, Daniel, asked Fang Zhi to ask Fang Zhi as a novice mother who had just given birth to a baby.

The mother -in -law said that in the early days of pregnancy, she had the phenomenon of brushing bleeding and redness of gums, but she was worried that the treatment would have a bad effect on the baby, so she kept letting the condition continue to progress.The gums were full of pus, and came to the hospital for treatment.

It is very incorrect for the behavior of Baoma. Periodontal disease needs to be diagnosed and treated early.

Let me give you the knowledge of oral hygiene maintenance of women during pregnancy.

What are the serious dangers of oral diseases in pregnant women?

1. The impact on pregnant women

Oral health is closely related to whole body health.Dental plaque microorganisms are the starting factors of periodontal disease. Dental pathogenic bacteria can also reach other parts of the body, causing systemic conditions.

Impact on the fetus

Oral health of pregnant women may affect fetal teeth and whole body development.Data show that pregnant women with periodontal problems also have certain correlation with premature birth and low -body birth children; pregnant women who have oral problems will be greatly affected, and may directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.

What are the common oral problems during pregnancy?

1. Caries

Pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy reduces the pH value of saliva, and the glaze is removed, which increases the susceptibility of caries. On the other hand, it increases the number and number of eating times during pregnancy, which increases the difficulty of oral hygiene maintenance.

2. gingivitis during pregnancy

It is worth noting that the pregnancy process itself is not a direct cause of inflammation of the gums, but because the existence of local stimuli and other stimulating objects in the oral cavity increases the level of progesterone during pregnancy, estrogen levels decrease, endocrine changes, gum tissue tissue is pairedThe sensitivity of oral bacteria increases the original inflammation of the gums.

How should we maintain the above issues?

I. Women in childcare age should take the initiative to go to a regular oral hospital for comprehensive oral examination before planning to be pregnant, deal with intravocal diseases in a timely manner, and avoid oral emergencies during pregnancy, which brings inconvenience to treatment.

2. Pay close attention to the knowledge of oral health during pregnancy, strengthen oral hygiene maintenance, master the correct method of brushing teeth, rinse your mouth in time after eating daily, effectively brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and clean your neighbors with dental floss and gap.

Third, pay attention to the nutritional balance of diet.The intake of mother’s nutrition during pregnancy is critical to the development of the baby’s teeth.

For formation of deciduous embryos in the early pregnancy, it should take sufficient high -quality protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

The first constant grinding teeth in the middle of pregnancy began to be formed, and most of the deciduous teeth began to be mineralized, and sufficient calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, D, etc. should be ensured.

The deciduous teeth in the late pregnancy continue to be mineralized, and some permanent tooth embryos are formed. It should continue to ensure sufficient protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, etc.

4. When oral problems occur, you should come to the hospital for treatment in time, but you must inform the doctor of the specific situation of pregnancy, the advice given by the drugs, the internal medicine and obstetrics and gynecologists.

Pay special attention to high -risk mothers or pregnant women with a history of drug allergies.If the treatment needs to be underneath, the drug should be selected from the drugs such as adrenaline.When shooting X -rays, pay attention to the protection measures.


Early pregnancy (1 ~ 3 months): emergency treatment and control symptoms.

In the middle of pregnancy (4 ~ 6 months): Hold the opportunity to complete the treatment.

In the middle of pregnancy (7-9 months): Simplify treatment and reduce pain.

Breastfeeding: treatment and medication are limited.

What are the misunderstandings about pregnant women’s oral problems?

Misunderstanding 1: A teeth are dropped at each pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 2: The baby will take the calcium in your body.

Misunderstanding 3: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, tooth look at teeth is very dangerous.

Misunderstanding 4: When pregnant women find that eating or brushing bleeding, they are often afraid of increasing bleeding, reducing the vicious circle of vicious brushing time or number of times, leading to an aggravating oral inflammatory inflammation.

Misunderstanding 5: The new mother cannot brush her teeth when confinement.

Kind tips

Director Wu Hao pointed out that the maintenance of women’s oral hygiene during pregnancy focuses on prevention. We should find problems from the source, prevent prevention, and combine prevention and treatment.Be a healthy and happy pregnant mothers who are "good appetite, good to eat incense"!

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