"European Breathing Magazine": Pregnant mother pays attention!Eat too much sugar during pregnancy, baby’s risk of allergic asthma increases by 101%| clinical discovery

Many friends may have experienced that unless pregnant women are severe during pregnancy, they are always "particularly persistent" about certain foods.Some people like sour, some people like spicy, of course, some people like sweet, but pregnant women who "be careful to get thousands of years" know that too much sugar in pregnancy is not good.The negative effects caused by yourself and your baby are very serious.

Therefore, sugar screening during pregnancy is generally a item that pregnant women will persist. However, the pregnant mothers with normal sugar sieve must not take it lightly, because a new study shows that even the mother without diabetes and signs,During pregnancy, too much ingestion of free sugar will increase the risk of baby’s allergies or suffer from excessive allergic asthma!

In the study, a group of mothers with the highest icing sugar intake compared with the lowest group, the probability of allergies of offspring increased by 38%, and more than 73%of children with allergies have 2 or more allergens, and allergic asthma, allergic asthma,The probability of increased by 101%!The research was led by researchers at the University of London’s Mary College, and the results were published in the European Breathing Magazine ("EUROPEAN Respiratory Journal" [1].

First of all, we need to know, what is free sugar?According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), free sugar refers to the monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, etc.) and bicosecol (sucrose, etc.) that are added to the diet by manufacturers, chefs, or ourselves.Various syrup, juice and sugar in concentrated fruit juice.Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and milk in milk are not the category of free sugar [2].

In 2015, WHO announced a diet guide, which suggested that the daily free sugar intake of adults and children should be below 10%of the total energy, and it will be better if it can be less than 5%or 25G [2].What is 10%?A healthy woman’s normal intake every day should be around 1,800 kcal. According to this calculation, the amount of free sugar should not exceed 45g.

The daily travel volume of the daily travel of the British Nutrition Science Counseling (SACN)

So, will the content of free sugar be high in some foods we have in contact with?A few examples can be given to you. A spoonful of honey has about 17g of free sugar, a 48G shi frame is about 22g, and a bottle of ordinary sugary drinks will basically exceed 40g.Therefore, in the invisible, our free sugar intake is easy to "explode".

In the past research, scientists have found that children with excessive considering sugar -containing beverages and juice and asthma, especially the attack of allergic asthma [3], but will the free sugar intake of mothers also affect the same effect to the same impactWhat about the baby in the belly?With such doubts, the researchers carried out this study.

The samples of the research come from Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children of parents and children, including 14,541 British women.Study excluding pregnant women with unreasonable history of diabetes and unreasonable energy intake (<2500 or 25,000 thousand coke/day [4]), the final statistics include 8,956 women. Their children were born on April 1, 1991, April 1, 1991- December 31, 1992.

Researchers divide these women into 5 groups (Q1-Q5, from low to high).Heaven, 60.8-82.4 grams/day and 82.4-345.1 grams/day.Researchers recorded allergies and asthma before their children were 7.5 years old. 12.2%of them were diagnosed with asthma by doctors, 10.7%had asthma symptoms, 8.8%had pollen allergies, 16.2%had eczema.21.5%is allergic.

After adjusting the age, drug use, anxiety during pregnancy, income and other factors, the researchers got the result. They found that the mother’s free sugar intake during pregnancy was weak with the overall asthma and asthma.Allergies are not related, and are strongly related to allergic asthma and allergies.The probability of ingestion of children with the highest group of free sugar is 1.38 times that of the lowest group (1.38) of the lowest group, and the probability of allergic asthma is as high as 2.01 times!

A: The relationship between free sugar intake and allergic constitution is based on Q1 (or value is 1)

B: The probability of free sugar intake and allergic asthma

The researchers also investigated the intake of these children’s free sugar before the age of 3, and also conducted statistical analysis. The results showed that their intake is not related to the increase in the risk of allergic constitution and allergic asthma.

Although this is a correlation study, the researchers discussed the mechanism that might cause these problems in the article.Past research shows that free sugar, especially fructose, will cause C-reactive protein (infection or tissue damage, the sharp increase in protein in plasma, enhance the devouring effects of macrophages) levels [5].

In addition, fructose can also increase the level of uric acid [6]. Mouse studies have shown that uric acid is an important excitation and amplifier of type 2 auxiliary T cell (TH2) immune response and allergic inflammation [7].In addition, in recent years, the incidence of mothers’ diet through this mechanism affects the allergic airway diseases of future generations.Therefore, researchers believe that the fetus is exposed to high -level free sugar, and the increase in allergic constitution and allergic asthma risk after birth may also be related to these mechanisms.

The co -author of the study, Professor Seif Shaheen, chief researcher at the University of London, said: "Although our research results cannot explain that a large number of free sugar in pregnancy will definitely lead to allergies and allergic asthma in future generations, a large number of free sugar intake will consume.It may really affect the health status of future generations. We will continue to experiment and verify this result in other queue studies. If possible, we still want to conduct clinical trials to reduce the amount of mothers’ intake of free sugar during pregnancy.Whether it can reduce the incidence of children’s allergies and allergic asthma. Although there is no cause and effect, we still recommend that pregnant women should follow the current guide to avoid excessive free sugar intake. "[9]

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