"Eryang" during pregnancy, can children still ask?After reading this article, I have the bottom of my heart

When it comes to the new crown, you will think of the high fever, the "cement" nose, and the "small knife" cut your throat …

Since May, many cases of new crown infection have appeared in many places, and many pregnant mothers have begun to worry.

Will you infect the new crown again?

The antibodies generated after the infection of the new coronal virus can protect the human body within 4-6 months.After this time, the protection force may be weakened, and the new crown virus has also occurred.Some pregnant women were not infected in the first wave of epidemic, and the risk of this infection increased.

Therefore, each pregnant mother should do a good job of self -protection, not to go to a place where people dense, and bring a mask.New crown infections in family members to avoid contact.Pay attention to reasonable nutrition, ensure adequate sleep, do not overwork, daily appropriate activities can enhance your physique.

Will there be severe symptoms after the new crown again?

People with low immunity, excessive fatigue, and people with basic diseases such as diabetes and chronic nephritis are prone to second -time infection, but secondary infection, the symptoms will be lighter than the first infection.

Maternal mothers are infected with the new crown again. Most lesions are basically on the upper respiratory tract, such as cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., which may be accompanied by digestive tract symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

If heating, cough, etc. after the new crown infection, oral antipyretic drugs "to acetaminol" or cough drugs, such as high fever (exceeding 39 degrees) or after the symptoms improveHeadache and other discomforts, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

Eryang is coming, can the inspection not be done?

The standardized checkup can be found in time and complications during pregnancy. In the early days, the fetal growth and development were abnormal or the fetal distress was found. It is recommended that pregnant women regulate the production examination according to the doctor’s request.

Early assessment of maternal conditions in the early pregnancy, NT examination of 11-13+6 weeks of pregnancy, mid-period screening of 15-20+6 weeks of pregnancy, 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, 30-32 weeks of systemsDetective, 24-28 weeks of sugar resistance test, fetal heart monitoring in the third trimester, and B-ultrasound examination are all routine and essential.Of course, pregnant mothers can also use the form of Internet+to conduct online consultation and consultation with doctors.

Does the infection of the new coronal virus during pregnancy affect the fetus?

The current research believes that the incidence of abortion and congenital deformities after new crowns infection has not increased.The probability of fetal infection caused by the infection of the new coronal virus in the late pregnancy is very low.So pregnant mothers should not panic.

In the face of the new crown, there is no need to be afraid, do good protection, standardize the production inspection, medical staff and pregnant mothers work together to protect the mother and child peace!

Special Author of Hunan Medical Chat: Jiang Yurong, Director of Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Hunan Provincial Research Institute)

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