"Don’t get pregnant within three months after taking X -rays"?

Many parents who prepare for pregnancy

I will hear such a sentence:

If you shoot X -rays

It’s best to do n’t have children within three months

As doctors, they are often consulted by patients to consult with such problems:

"I was pregnant today. Do I have a CT examination last week, can my child be?"

X -ray, CT and even the "radiation" brought by color Doppler ultrasound

Let pregnant mothers worry

Fear of affecting the growth and development of small life

Is this really the case?

Today, I will answer your doubts!


First understand the pregnancy process

Earlier in the process of conception:

Follica development -ovulation -Afterfered, fertilized eggs, bed

Any impact in this process

Whether it is drug, radiation, bad emotions, etc.

They are all a process of survival of the fittest

Only exist or not!

Do not cause malformations due to adverse factors

This is the blank period in medicine:

20 days before pregnancy

There is a time period of "having or not"


Let’s understand the so -called "radiation"

"Radiation" is divided into "ionization radiation" and "non -ionizing radiation"

"Non -ionizing radiation" is generally harmless

For example, used in daily life

Microwave oven, mobile phone, computer, WIFI, etc.

Therefore, you can still use your mobile phone and computer appropriately after pregnancy. Don’t worry about affecting your baby

And live "the life of primitive people"

"Ionizing radiation" is harmful

For example, medical rays (CT, X -ray),

Radioactive substances in nature, etc.

In the usual radiology inspection (CT, X -ray)

First we have to know

Radiation is a functional threshold

It is generally considered to be 50msv

Within a threshold, it is deemed to be not harmful to the human body

More than the threshold, severity and dose proportional proportional

Relevant guidelines released by the American Maternal and Gynecologists (ACOG) in 2017 pointed out that the impact and risk of X -ray radiation on the fetus mainly depends on two factors:

Fetal age and ray dose:

(1) 0-2 weeks after fertilization, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 50-100msv, which mainly affects the death of the fetus;

(2) 2-8 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 200msv, the main impact is congenital malformation;

(3) At 8-15 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 60-310msv, which mainly affects intelligence and malformation;

(4) At 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 250-280msv, which mainly affects intelligence.

From the guide, we can see that as long as the ray dose does not exceed 50msv, it generally does not cause damage.

The dose of orthopedic examination is as follows:

X -ray film:

Cervical spine 0.2msv

Lumbar vertebra 1.5msv

Thoracic spine 2.0msv

Hip joint 0.7msv

Shoulder joint 0.01msv

Knee joint 0.005msv

Small joints 0.0001msv

CT check:

Spine 6msv

At present, the radiation of imaging conditions is getting better and better, which greatly reduces the radiation dose.Relevant regulations show that low -dose flat -dose flat sweeping of the lungs usually does not exceed 1msv.

Take about 0.02 MSV radiation in a chest, and the abdomen is about 0.54msv.These measurements in clinical work are obviously less than 50msv.


In addition, let’s take a look at the background radiation

The oldest light in the universe

Is the relic of the Big Bang

Full of the entire universe

All objects in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero degrees of absolute temperature, is constantly transmitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. This way of transmitting energy is "radiation".

In popular terms, everything has radiation, and it is accepted by radiation from nature all the time.

According to the World Nuclear Association: People receive a background radiation from nature about 2msv each year, and North America can reach 3msV, while several few specific local background radiation in India, Iran and Europe can be as high as 50MSV.At 100msv, it may significantly increase the chance of cancer.Including: filming, sun exposure, watching TV, calling, airplanes, etc. For example, the radiation dose that is accepted at high altitude is 0.01msv per hour. Taking a chest tablet once is equivalent to a 2 -hour aircraft radiation.

This is obvious

I took X -rays

It’s best to do n’t have children within three months

Just one

Rumors without scientific basis

The radiation doses of these examinations are too low compared to the 50msv mentioned earlier, so even if you are pregnant after these examinations, you don’t have to worry.

Although these inspections will not be much affected too much

But still be alert to the threat of radiation

For example, when the departments of nuclear medicine and radiology departments, when going to the hospital for examination, the pregnancy situation should be informed of the doctor not to conceal the medical history, and pay attention to the radioactive logo on the door of the hospital examination room to avoid unnecessary radiation.

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