"Doctor and Patient Revelation"

Analyze and answer typical doctors and patients disputes, and build a healthy Chinese harmonious doctor -patient relationship. The Voice of China and the Beijing Doctor Harmonious Promotion Association jointly launched the special special programs of "Rural Health Station" -"Doctor and Patient Revelation".Today’s "Apocalypse of the doctor and patients", we invited Cao Shijian, a mediation offer of the People’s Mediation Committee of the Beijing Medical Disputes, told you "the cure but burning it."

"Fall from the sky", this sentence is fulfilled in the 58 -year -old Xiao Xiao.On March 6, 2017, patients went to a traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Beijing to take acupuncture and cupping.In the process of cupping, the doctor actually placed the alcohol furnace on the back of the patient, and accidentally spilled the alcohol furnace, causing the patient’s back, front chest, side ribs, and elbow arms to burn.About 10%!This is a cure, but due to the illegal operation of the medical prescription, the patients have suffered more pain and economic losses, and the hospitalization treatment has improved for more than half a month.The Medical Development Commission finally determined that the medical party should bear all the responsibilities.

Cao Shijian, a mediation at the People’s Mediation Committee of Beijing Medical Disputes

1. This dispute is relatively simple. How did the medical transfer committee mediate at that time?

This dispute is simple, but its consequences are serious.The doctor’s negligence caused the patient to burn.This patient was very innocent and was originally to cure the disease, because the burns increased the patient’s pain, and this pain was caused by the doctor’s illegal operation.Therefore, the hospital should bear 100%responsibility, bear the cost of follow -up treatment, and give patients a proper spiritual comfort.

2. What is the principle of cupping?What are the questions suitable for treatment and relieving?

Cupping is a commonly used method for traditional Chinese medicine. It is indeed very simple and practical, and it is not only in our domestic use, but also a considerable market abroad.Cupping not only has the function of health care, but also can treat many diseases, such as swelling, pain relief, and relieving fatigue.Cupping is performed on specific acupoints and meridians. It can improve the body’s immune capacity by stimulating acupoints. In addition, it is used to adjust the body’s internal organs, improve blood circulation, and finally achieve the ability to improve the body’s immunity and disease resistance.

3. How can cupping cause burns?Can this avoid this?

This matter can be avoided, but it does happen often, and there are often such reports on the media.We have received some such cases, but this case is more typical, which should be caused by violation of operating procedures. We know that cupping is inseparable from the source of fire. The ignition is generally used for alcohol cotton balls.The utensils are placed closer to the patient and put on the body. As a result, it may be accidentally knocked down when it is operated, which causes the patient’s torso to be burned.This kind of thing should not happen at all.

4. Choose acupuncture, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine methods. What should we pay attention to?

Acupuncture, cupping, scraping, including massage, small needle knife, etc. It is indeed one of the oldest treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine. It has a significant effect and its indications are relatively wide.Acupuncture also has taboos, such as hunger and tension is not suitable for acupuncture. In addition, women who are pregnant are not suitable for acupuncture in the abdomen and waist. People with skin infections are not suitable for acupuncture.Too deep, it is easy to hurt the internal organs.In addition, children should not leave needles.Although acupuncture looks simple, there are also risks. There are some side effects, because it is also blind exercise, which is easy to hurt some blood vessels and nerves, and may cause pneumothorax.

Edit: Yin Yuan

Sentence: Huanhuan, Alang

Editor in charge: Zhang Lei

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