"Chapter 88" The painful ending of pregnancy

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In the moonlight, King Qian’s whole body froze.

He was like a woodcarving, standing motionlessly, and his face suddenly became pale.

However, but for a moment, King Qian did not hesitate, shouting at the forest: "Bold poisonous woman, dare to take the banner of the king, collude with the bandit of the thief, conspire to help the princess, and leave the king of the Ben King.Famous with King’s flesh … Three numbers of the king, if you ca n’t get out of the same, the king ordered the arrow to let you die in this dense forest! "

"Lanyue Ming" Chapter 88

Section 1

I looked at King Qian unbelievable, and was shocked to no longer.

At this moment, Princess Qian is with the thief, and King Qian should know what he shouted.

And the meaning in his words is obvious, but he wants to push all his crimes to Princess Qian.

It seems that King Qian wants to repeat the old trick and abandon the car Baoshuai.

I thought he would be a mouse, and it would be difficult.After all, Princess Qian was his wife, and his child was still with his child.

I did not expect that King Qian did not hesitate to make a choice.

The corner of the lips couldn’t help but sneer in sneer, after all, I still overestimated King Qian.

How can a person who can abandon her own biological mother, how can she pity and care about my wife?

chapter 2

I can’t help me think about it. In my ears, Qian Wang’s cold voice has slowly sounded: "The king started to count … 1 … 2 …"

Just listening to the sound of a stingy sound in the forest, and then, the princess Qian and the two thieves worn through tall trees and appeared in our sight.

On the neck of Princess Qian, a dagger with a cold light was sideways.

The thief who disguised as a family, holding the knife handle, and clamoring fiercely: "Both back, let Lao Tzu go … Otherwise, Lao Tzu killed this lady …"

He is a strong man with five major and three rough.

Needless to say, this is the "big brother" of the two thieves.

His eyes squinted slightly, the long fleshy face, with creepy stubbornness.

He first looked at Mingxi, and then looked at King Qian, and asked with a tone: "Which one is King Qian?"

King Qian immediately stepped forward, throwing a statement: "This king is!"

Section 3

I sank in my heart, and the bandit’s leader did not even recognize the king of Qian.

In other words, King Qian did not have the direct implication with them at all.

The thief stared at King Qian, sneered, and said, "Listen to your meaning, even her own woman is ready to leave it … Woman, don’t, but she is in the stomach, isn’t your species?… I have to abandon my own flesh … It’s really cruel! "

King Qian’s cheeks shake uncontrollably. His face was ironing and gritted his teeth: "It’s not the king’s heart, but she abandoned the king first …

Section 4

The thief dressed as a family seemed to understand until now, his fingers were modest, and he became angry and became angry: "If you want to get off, do you have no door? Killing Guan Mu and Cao Tianlu, isn’t it all of you …"

King Qian was not afraid, and said calmly: "Less here to plant the king here, and have the ability to get evidence … You can not even recognize which king is, and the king has never seen you.Do you do those things that do your best …

They are all poisonous women, boldly, while the king closed the door to raise the disease, under the banner of the king, colluding with you, retaliated with personal revenge, killing the court of courts, and harming the prince’s family members …The killing and robbery of the capital, today you will let you culprit the culprits, and you will fight together!"

Section 5

After Princess Qian came out, she kept talking.

At this moment, I raised my head suddenly, staring at King Qian, murmuring: "Fujun … You …"

Perhaps, she always thought that King Qian would not ignore herself, but the words she said before, but to confuse the thief.

Now, she finally realized that King Qian really had to abandon her.

This woman who has always been exquisitely dripping has finally appeared in fear of despair.

However, without waiting for her to finish the words, King Qian interrupted sharply, and he blamed at anger: "Don’t call my husband anymore … From now on, this king will break with you.Persist in marrying you as a concubine, and always regard you as a treasure … but you are not loyal and filial, and you will live up to the king’s affection for you …

No wonder you insist on coming to the Lime Mountain Academy. It turns out that this secret is hiding your secrets … What is the relationship between you and these thieves?How did you collude with them?Why do they do these things for you?"

Section 6

Princess Qian’s eyes widened, and then screamed sternly and humiliatedly, winning the dagger in the hands of the thief.

She lifted her dagger, shouted "You Beast", and rushed towards King Qian.

But after all, she had a big stomach and was inconvenient to move. She ran two steps and almost stumbled.

Under the sign of Mingxi, the two guards were about to step forward to stop Princess Qian. However, at this time, King Qian suddenly took the bow and arrow from the personal guard’s hand, and shot to his wife without hesitation.

The arrow was carried with a cold wind and made a "嗖" sound. The princess Qian was nailed to the nail, and she paused.

The dagger in his hand also fell straight to the ground.

After a while, she twitched painfully, fell softly, and could no longer make any noise.

Section 7

Princess Qian died like this, and a dead body.

The arrow of King Qian, in the middle of her throat, shot through her neck.

I never know that King Qian, who looks weak, has such a precise arrow method.

The crowd looked at King Qian in a hurry, but he did not change his face, and said, "How can the king who can tolerate her again and again!"

This shameless and vicious crown beast!

In the silence, my eyes slowly moved to Princess Qian.

Yin Hong’s blood was flowing out of her neck, and the gorgeous peach blossom face showed strange green white in the moonlight.

The princess Qian made a lot of evil before his lifetime, and the tiger was a little bit of a sin.

But looking at her towering stomach, I still had a kind of indescribable.

For another two or three months, the fetus in her belly was about to be born.

However, the child fell under the arrow of his biological father with his mother, and he never had the opportunity to come to the world.

At the same time, people have a thorough chill while booing.

The tiger poison is still not eaten, and King Qian is more vicious than the beast!

Section 8

Seeing King Qian’s mercy, he killed Princess Qian himself, and the two thieves had already understood that he had no way to retreat.

One of the thieves and bandits quickly pulled out the waist knife, and the other was bent down, trying to pick up the dagger that Princess Qian fell on the ground, and prepared a fish to break the net.

However, as soon as he straightened his body, King Qian sinkingly ordered: "Put an arrow!"

The guards who had been waiting for a long time, heard the instructions of King Qian, immediately chaos.

With the scream of sound, the two evil thief heads, all over the arrow, fell in the forest in terrible, and fell beside the princess Qian.

King Qian turned around, and said to Mingxi, "Okay, go down the mountain immediately to restore his father … but the sixth brother can invite me, but the king can only invite sin.Inadequate, the poisonous woman is negligible to prevent prevention, and it will cause such a big disaster … "

From beginning to end, he didn’t even look at Princess Qian.

Section 9

Knowing that everything that King Qian did was to kill him after killing, but neither Mingxi and I stopped it.

The two thieves and bandits could not recognize even Qian Qian. Even if they were captured, they could not take out the evidence of the Qian Wang Tong thief. At most, they said how to kill, how to rob people, how to rob the young princess, howRu, how to escape.

I would rather die on the spot, and I would rather be buried forever with the sins they committed.

And Princess Qian, in the face of the ruthless insults of King Qian, and the sword was removed, indicating that she did not have the handle of King Qian.

Otherwise, with her savvy, it can be said to preserve herself instead of hitting stones with eggs and fighting with her life.

Suddenly, when Princess Qian came to Limoton Mountain Academy, she also told us that King Qian left the capital early in the morning, so he couldn’t come to send her.

Now think about it, King Qian is clearly intentional.

All conspiracy, all the connection with the thief, gave it to Princess Qian to arrange for arrangement.And behind the scenes, he was not known, leaving no traces.

And all the planning, he will make a good strategy, and even step on the body of his mother, wife and children at all, and pave the way for himself.

I glanced at King Qian and couldn’t help but sneered.

He once again returned as expected.

Section 10

Mingxi, who has always been silent, glanced at the corpse of Princess Qian who fell to the ground at this moment, and said to King Qian with a sullen tone: "In fact, the second brother does not need to kill her, and take her back to the capital.Father emperor will also tolerate her some time, let her give birth to the child in her belly … "

King Qian laughed and wrote lightly: "Such a poisonous woman, the child given birth to the child is afraid that she is also a rebellious child. Besides, she and the thief are dyed, who knows what the king did …

There are so many women in the world. With a woman, are you afraid that there are no children?Rest assured, the king will learn from the lesson, polish her eyes, and find a good woman who is gentle and virtuous as Zheng Fei!"

I closed my eyes slightly and couldn’t bear to hear.

If Princess Qian can hear the words of King Qian, I don’t know how to think.

A few months ago, she also tried her best to cooperate with King Qian and killed Yu Guifei with him.

At that time, she had thought that a person who didn’t even care about her own mother should not care about her?

Section 11

Just thinking, King Qian suddenly looked at Qingru next to me, and said softly, "Girl Qingru, this king solemnly apologized to you … I heard that the thief broke in that day, and the girl was also frightened … NowI only knew what the poisonous woman did, and let Ben Wang Wuyan face the girl … "

Throughout the evening, Qing Ru saw all this, I am afraid that he couldn’t get used to the viciousness of King Qian for a long time. At this moment, when he heard his false affection, he said relentlessly: "Apologize? I am afraid that King Qian should be more to the Royal Royal.Shi Zhongyu Guan Mu apologized, apologized to Dr. Cao Tianlu, apologized to Fengcheng County, and apologized to my elder sister … Their loved ones were damaged by thieves …

Speaking of this, I really don’t understand. I want to ask King Qian. The Princess Qian is a female stream, and I have no grievances with these people."

Section 12

Qing Ru’s questioning is extremely sharp.

Qian Wang smiled slightly and replied without rushing: "The girl did not know that the girls who had been harmed by the thieves had disagreed with the father and brother of the poisonous woman.

As for you, it was because of me … On the day of the father of the father, the girl Qingru entered the palace to testify the mother and concubine.I intend to ask for the emperor, give the girl to the king as the concubine … I did not expect that the poisonous woman was jealous, and she colluded with the thief and intended to get rid of the girl … "

-Chapter 88 End-

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