"Changan Nuo" has always come here, and goes around. Dong Ruoxuan has a short appear for a short time but amazing the audience

Perhaps infatuation is inherited, so that the two generations of Da Shengguo’s two generations of monarchs and the mighty regent king are trapped by love and taste the suffering of love.

Although Xiao Chengrui was stabilizing the rivers and mountains, and forced to marry He Lan Yiyu, she also fell in love with her for many years. Xiao Chengyu and He Lanyu met each other and met each other, but they loved each other.

After many years, Xiao Qiyuan, the son of He Lan, was inherited by the throne, but also followed the dust of his father and the emperor.

And the Jiangnan beauty Dong Ruoxuan, who was with the Tianzi Blue Horse, was young. When he first met, he met Xiao Qiyuan’s heart for the first time.

She is a famous lady who reads poems, gentle and kind, and her only rebellion is the bell of love.

Dong Ruoxuan smiled slightly and was better than the Sun Moon Mountain River. The original woman who was so clear and the moon should be free and happy, but she was deeply loved by her love for her love.

It is a pity that Hongyan is thin, and his fate has not treated such a beautiful woman at all. In the dangerous harem, the emperor’s special pet is a jealous chip, which is doomed, Dong Ruoxuan’s miserable ending.

The loss of the child is the most fatal blow to Dong Ruoxuan, and her death is also Xiao Qiyuan’s fatal blow. The generation of beautiful women and the soul of the emperor’s heart and soul have also been taken away.

From the fierce war of Shengzhou, turbulent, to the establishment of the Dasheng dynasty, it gradually became strong. Some people tried their best to win the throne.Love but can’t.

Whether it is the supreme emperor or the ordinary people, it is just a chess piece who has been facing the fate.

If you have a power in your hands, you can only bear your own mission, and struggle to move forward in their respective positions.

There are countless kings of Shengzhou, and the three princes Xiao Chengrui City are very deep. They are good at calculating. The nine prince Xiao Chengyu is young, brave and good, and is loved by his father.

He Lanyu, the granddaughter of the King of Yonglin, is a woman, but she is talented and has a very good talent. When she was young, a master criticized his life for his hexagrams, saying that he had the life of his mother in the world.

When Xiao Chengyu and He Lanyu were young, they met unexpectedly, fell in love with each other, and accompanied him to experience his father’s collapse. The mother and concubine’s painful experience.

The king of Shengzhou died, and it was originally intended to be passed on to Xiao Chengyu. However, Xiao Chengyu had no real power and his age was still light.

In order to keep his life, his mother -in -law Mu not only tampered with the widow of the first king, but even buried it, so that Xiao Chengyu and his brother Xiao Chengxuan’s life were preserved.

Xiao Chengyu should have been the king of Shengzhou, but he became a courtier. He fought the battlefield for his elder brother and fought blood. In a battle, the news of Xiao Chengyu’s death was spread back, and He Lanyu was in pain.

However, in order to keep Xiao Chengyu’s brother and Xiao Chengxuan’s life, He Lanyu can only choose to marry Xiao Chengrui. Since then, she can only endure the rest of her life in the complex vortex of the harem.

Who knew that when Xiao Chengyi returned from the battlefield, when he was suffering from the pain of his husband and mother, he was already very sad, but now he has lost his love.

He managed to survive from the battlefield. When he returned, he could only watch his wife who belonged to himself, married his elder brother, and separated from his love.

Later, Xiao Chengyu assisted Xiao Chengrui as the emperor and laid half of the mountains and mountains for Dasheng Kingdom, but was jealous for the Gao Gao Zhenzhu.

The truth of that year was revealed a little bit. The elder brother took the throne of his belonging to him, forced his mother’s mother, and snatched his lifetime love. The pile parts were all bloody.

But when Xiao Chengyu intends to get revenge, Xiao Chengrui collapsed due to illness. Although he died, he was still the ultimate person.

Xiao Chengrui had a cost -effective plan, forcing He Lanyu to choose to choose from, and tried his best to support his son ascending the throne.

After this operation, he not only kept his own throne inheritance, but also made He Lanyu’s restraint of Xiao Chengyu and stabilized Da Sheng Jiangshan.

Xiao Qiyuan is the son of He Lanyu and Xiao Chengrui. Although her mother was born, she was not loved by her father because of her mother, but she eventually became a person who was sitting in a dragon chair.

Because of the controversy of the lace news of He Lanyu and Xiao Chengyu, Xiao Qiyuan, who has gradually grown up, has changed from the worship and dependence of the emperor Xiao Chengyu to the deep annihilation and hatred.

On one occasion, Xiao Qiyuan accidentally injured when he climbed the tree with his brother Xiao Qirong, but he was unwilling to drink because he was disliked.

In order to accompany Xiao Qiyuan with children of the same age, He Lanyu ordered people to summon the children of the princes to enter the palace.

She was in the heart and was understanding. Seeing Xiao Qiyuan refused to drink medicine, thinking that he was afraid of being unwilling to drink, so he took out some sugar and took medicine for Xiao Qiyuan.

Some people are destined to meet. Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan met and loved her. When I heard that Dong Ruoxuan liked kites, she deliberately ordered someone to pierce her a few more.

Xiao Qiyuan’s love for Dong Ruoxuan, He Lanyuyu saw it at a glance, so she specially came to Dong Ruoxuan to accompany Xiao Qiyuan. Since then, Dong Ruoxuan’s three words were deeply remembered by Xiao Qiyuan.

Although King Xin’an was an old minister of the former dynasty, he was reused by Xiao Chengyu. The foundation of Dasheng was not stable. There were still people who were in the former dynasty to rebel.

The dispatch was very urgent, and King Xin’an took Dong Ruoxuan out of the palace early. Xiao Qiyuan, who did not know, missed Dong Ruoxuan every day.Go to see her, but fluttered.

Later, he learned that King Xin’an was dispatched to Jiangnan, and Dong Ruoxuan was also taken out of the palace. He was furious instantly. He found He Lanyu’s crying, and asked his mother to adjust the new King of Xin’an.

After seeing his mother’s uselessness, Xiao Qiyuan personally got a hand -in -hand, informing the new King of the King, and the order had been recovered, and Dong Ruoxuan, who was suddenly taken out of the palace, was unhappy along the way. I wonder if he suddenly left, and Xiao Qiyuan would be sad.

After getting his hands, King Xin’an went to Xiao Chengyu. Xiao Chengyu learned that Xiao Qiyuan was so loud and furious, and returned to the palace directly to teach the little emperor himself.

As a result, Xiao Qiyuan made a noise. Dong Ruoxuan did not return. Instead, he was taken by his uncle and trained by the devil.

Xiao Chengyu and He Lanyu’s education methods are different. Although Xiao Qiyuan is still young, he is the emperor of Dasheng Kingdom, and he should not be too coquettish to him.

Xiao Qiyuan grew up under the extremely rigorous education of Xiao Chengyu. Although he learned from his uncle Huang, he was extremely angry because of the emperor’s scandal and the emperor’s too harshly overwhelming approach to himself.

The relationship between the uncle and the nephew was tense, and He Lanyu was sandwiched between his son and his first love.

Coupled with the intention of Xiao Chengyu’s status, he deliberately framed the challenge, so that Xiao Chengyu not only had to cope with the danger in the battlefield, but also to deal with the dark arrows of the villain of Chaotang.

Many years later, Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan have grown up. Although Xiao Qiyuan is the emperor, he is 17 years old, but he has no real power.

One day, Xiao Qiyuan suffered grievances and was out of his palace. Maybe he wouldn’t think of it, that time, he left home and finally met Dong Ruoxuan.

On the street, Dong Ruoxuan was teased by the son of Lin Shaofu and the son of Lin Shaofu. Xiao Qiyuan rescued him, but accidentally suffered injuries when he took Dong Ruoxuan.

Fortunately, Dong Ruoxuan was intelligent, leaving a sister -in -law, causing the pursuit to be temporarily out of trouble.

After the safety, Dong Ruoxuan handled the wound for Xiao Qiyuan. Xiao Qiyuan saw the handkerchief taken out by Dong Ruoxuan.

After many years, Xiao Qiyuan remembered Dong Ruoxuan for many years, and now he finally reunited. However, at that time, in order to avoid the trouble of identity exposure, he did not immediately recognize each other.

The sky was getting dark, and Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan could only rest in place. When he asked Dong Ruoxuan to pick the wild fruit, he happened to take his father -in -law to rush, but Xiao Qiyuan did not choose to return to the palace, but continued to stay here.

He ordered his father -in -law to grab the people of Dong Ruoxuan into Dali Temple for punishment, and then sent two wild rabbits to send them, and then protected in secret.

Dong Ruoxuan returned from picking wild fruit and grilled rabbits with Xiao Qiyuan. The two talked to know that Dong Ruoxuan and his companions went out to enjoy the scenery, but unexpectedly dispersed. When he lost his way, he encountered a bad guy. Fortunately, he was rescued by him.

Later, Dong Ruoxuan also told Xiao Qiyuan the all her experience in Jiangnan. This night was the joy that Xiao Qiyuan had never had before.

After dawn, the two were separated. After Xiao Qiyuan returned to the palace, he deliberately found a kite that has been collected for many years. Since they can meet again for many years, it shows that the fate between them is deep and destined to come together.

According to the ancestral training, after the young heavenly, he could have been in power. At this time, Xiao Qiyuan couldn’t wait to leave Xiao Chengyu’s control, so he wanted to take his own administration.

Xiao Qiyuan wants to marry Dong Ruoxuan, which can not only recover real power after marriage, but also be with the people who are mindful.

How can you do everything in the world?Even if he is an emperor, he can’t do everything well. He wants to be in his own politics, but he is not a married person, but he is not Dong Ruoxuan.

When the emperor Xiao Chengrui was alive, he had set a marriage contract for him. The marriage of the Yuci could not be violated. He Lan Yiyu thought that since his son is going to be a marriage, it is also ready for a person.

Who knew that Xiao Qiyuan was unwilling to perform the marriage contract. He Lanyu knew that his son was sad, but he still persuaded him to take the overall situation, but he refused to understand his mother’s work at all.

The father -in -law around Xiao Qiyuan knew what his master thought in his heart, so he suggested that he directly ordered Dong Ruoxuan into the palace, but Xiao Qiyuan was unwilling to grieve his heart.

Xiao Chengyu has worked hard to cultivate Xiao Qiyuan for so many years, but he can get rid of his endless hatred and tried to get rid of it. It is very sad. At this time, He Lanyu also asked him to swear in front of the ancestral hall and forced him.

Between He Lanyu and Xiao Chengyu, the most intense quarrels have erupted for many years. Originally, the throne, his lover was his own, but after he lost everything, he had to fight hard to protect this.son.

In the end, I worked hard for a while, and she had a pain, and she was also guarded by her lover. Today, He Lan’s jade, in her eyes, in her heart, only her son Xiao Qiyuan, and Xiao Chengyi always seemed to be outsiders.

Xiao Chengxuan’s brother Xiao Chengxuan was seriously ill. On the day of Xiao Chengyu’s birthday, he always lost him. In this life, he has experienced too many lives and deaths.It has already become a habit.

Later, Xiao Qiyuan’s driving led by himself, but he was besieged. Xiao Chengyi led his troops to rescue him in a timely manner. He had promised He Lanyuyu. No matter how dangerous, he would protect Xiao Qiyuan Zhouquan.

Although Xiao Qiyuan was saved, Xiao Chengyu hit the poisoned arrow and poisoned into the lungs. At this time, Xiao Qiyuan thoroughly understood that everything that the mother and concubine said were true, and the emperor was never an enemy.

In front of Xiao Chengyu’s bed, Xiao Qiyuan sincerely admits his mistakes. At the beginning, although Xiao Chengyu was dying, his only wish was to return to Beijing.

Xiao Qiyuan immediately took Xiao Chengyu, and he ran all the way, but Xiao Chengyu couldn’t support it after all.

At the time of his death, Xiao Chengxuan ordered Xiao Qiyuan not to learn him, but he couldn’t live in his life. Since he belonged, he should not be disappointed.

He took He Lanyu’s purse embroidered for him, thinking of all the past, with endless regrets, and left the world.

Xiao Qiyuan personally held a funeral for the emperor, and asked his mother to bid farewell to the emperor alone.

Since then, Da Shengguo has no regent king. Only Emperor Kai Yiren Xiao Chengyu, and He Lanyu, who has been behind the curtain, was relieved to hear his son’s words in Chaotang.

After Xiao Chengyu’s death, Xiao Qiyuan personally took charge of government affairs. One year later, he finally had time to find Dong Ruoxuan. Since last, Xiao Qiyuan’s thoughts on Dong Ruoxuan have increased day by day.

Dong Ruoxuan finally knew Xiao Qiyuan’s true identity. The person she loved was the emperor. At that moment, she understood that the relationship between them would not be smooth.

He Lan Yiyu invited the master of the county to enter the palace. Xiao Qiyuan learned that Dong Ruoxuan was about to enter the palace. He was very happy and arranged the banquet’s meals early.

However, when she saw Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan too intimate, she was faintly worried that King Xin’an was an old minister in the former dynasty and limited to her identity.

Xiao Qiyuan’s younger brother Xiao Qirong was also fond of Dong Ruoxuan, insisting on asking the mother and concubine to ask the queen mother to marry.

The affection between Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan was heavy. However, in the face of many obstacles, Dong Ruoxuan was always humble. She just wanted to be with her lover. She never wanted to enter the palace as a concubine.

When Dong Ruoxuan’s words were introduced into Xiao Qiyuan’s ears, he confirmed Dong Ruoxuan’s heart, and he didn’t sleep all night.

But he did not expect that at this time, his mother had agreed to Xiao Qirong and the concubine, and assigned Dong Ruoxuan Xu to Xiao Qirong as the concubine.

Xiao Qiyuan failed to marry Dong Ruoxuan. On the day of the wedding, he not only left the queen, but also afterwards. He deliberately adopted the queen’s maid and only gave him intentionally.

Dong Ruoxuan was sick because of his depression. Xiao Qiyuan was very worried. He waited hard outside the Palace of Xin’an, and finally saw Dong Ruoxuan who was unbearable.

In order to be able to be together, they planned to elope and even promised that if they could not escape, they died together.

However, the two were caught back. Xiao Qiyuan was forced to die, so that his mother ordered him to assign Dong Ruoxuan to himself. Without Dong Ruoxuan, Xiao Qiyuan could not live.

He Lanyu was helpless. Her son did what she and Xiao Chengyi dared not do, and could only agree with the marriage of the two.

In order to compensate Xiao Qirong, He Lanyu was unable to seal him for the prince. The concubine was happy, but Xiao Qirong was unhappy. Drinking every day, he eventually died because he couldn’t think of it.

On the day when Xiao Qiyuan and Dong Ruoxuan got married, both felt like dreams. After experiencing how many things, they finally could be together.

Dong Ruoxuan was gentle and affectionate, treating the queen respectful and courteous, even if he was tortured, he did not complain at all. He treats the queen mother He Lanyu, and he is even more filial. He also tried to persuade Xiao Qiyuan to ease his mother and son between his mother and his mother.

Even if the life in the palace is more constrained for Dong Ruoxuan, but she is willing to resist everything with Xiao Qiyuan.

It didn’t take long for Dong Ruoxuan to be pregnant. During her pregnancy, she had a hard time. She was dying at night nights. Xiao Qiyuan looked very sad, but couldn’t help it.

Ten months later, Dong Ruoxuan successfully gave birth to a healthy prince. Xiao Qiyuan was extremely happy. He even planned to break the little prince in the middle of the king and attract dissatisfaction.

He Lan Yingyu was ill for a long time. In severe cases, even the symptoms of coma appeared. Dong Ruoxuan was taken care of before the confinement.

Fortunately, He Lanyu finally woke up. At this time, the little prince was sick. He originally thought it was slightly lonely. Dong Ruoxuan didn’t want to leave the queen mother, but He Lanyu was worried about the prince and directly asked Dong Ruoxuan to take care of the child.

Who knows, the little prince is not slightly stubborn, but a serious condition, so when Dong Ruoxuan rushed back, the little prince had passed away.

Dong Ruoxuan was weak, and he couldn’t accept the pain of losing his child. He was immersed in sadness every day. Xiao Qiyuan went out to pray for blessings and returned. When he saw his love of the disease, his heart was anxious.It’s right.

In the end, Dong Ruoxuan’s heart was embarrassed, and his condition did not improve for a long time. In the end, Xiao Qiyuan went to the temple to pray for Dong Ruoxuan. When he returned, Dong Ruoxuan was dying.

She is the only round of bright moon in this harem, such as Bai Yueguang, which is gentlely shining at everyone. Even if she has always been dissatisfied with her, she has never resentful.

However, such a beautiful woman has experienced the blow again and again. In this sad harem, sinking, and in the end, consume the last trace of life.

Dong Ruoxuan was like when she and Xiao Qiyuan first met, and the kite held in her hand broke the line and floated away with the wind. Perhaps she did not belong to the palace.

However, because of love, she stayed. In order to be short -lived, she buried her life. She was young, disappeared, and left alone.

She left, and never knew that the person she loved was because of her depression, and she died in her heart. In the end, she could not return to the sky. After all, she followed her.

The princess of Yonglin Elementary School, the first beauty of the grassland, the first beauty of the grassland, from the scratch, from turbulent to prosperous, through the turbulent to prosperous, from the innocent girl to the people of the country, The Supreme Emperor’s story.

Dong Ruoxuan is one of the many sad characters in this story. She was originally among the water villages of Jiangnan, but she gave up freedom because of love.Essence

She is Xiao Qiyuan’s Bai Yueguang. She knows each other. She knows and loves each other. After she has been in love with each other, she has been thinking about each other.

Perhaps for Dong Ruoxuan, he was able to meet with Xiao Qiyuan and was fortunate to marry him. It was her biggest happiness in this life. But for Xiao Qiyuan, Dong Ruoxuan was his life, and he lost Dong Ruoxuan. How could he continue to survive?Woolen cloth?

Dong Ruoxuan’s life was too short, but only such a moment, but the audience was amazing. With the unique tenderness of the woman, she moved many people, but she could not save her tragic ending.

She is very sad and so beautiful. She is willing to meet her beloved in the next life without being restrained by freedom. She is smart and free in her life.

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