"Black Hole": Tao Hong is married to the boss and is unwilling to get pregnant, because he is afraid of revenge and keeps skipping rope

Since I like Teacher Chen Daoming’s film and television works very much, after watching "The Name of the People" recently, I suddenly remembered that when she was a child, there seemed to be a anti -corruption TV series. Chen Daoming played a big villain that made people hate!After searching, I finally found this TV series called "Black Hole"!

The film is directed by Guan Hu. In addition to the main actors Chen Daoming, Tao Zeru and Tao Hong, there are also guests from Yuan Li, Ma Yizhen, Huang Bo, Liang Jing and other actors!But I didn’t understand at that time, I just remembered that Chen Daoming, who was wearing a black sweater, was gentle and elegant.The fate is terrible, and the boss Nie Mingyu, played by Mr. Chen Daoming, did not take Xiao Yunzhu after he was released from prison!Of course, Nie Mingyu’s bad things in the play are more than this.

Because of his early years, Liu Zhenhan, played by Tao Zeru!In an execution task, he was injured to save Liu Zhenhan. The position of the injury was embarrassing. He lost his ability to be a man!Although I was stressful to marry Meng Lin played by Tao Hong, when Meng Lin didn’t know the incident at the beginning, she thought it was Nie Mingyu deliberately left herself.He was injured, but she couldn’t bear the loneliness and was too late to get pregnant with others. Because she knew that Nie Mingyu’s background was complicated, she didn’t dare to go to the hospital for surgery, so she could only skip the rope at home!Later, Meng Lin instructed her lover to steal Nie Mingyu’s materials to report him, but Nie Mingyu discovered that he decisively resolved that person!After returning home, in the face of Meng Lin’s madness and accusations, he only said faintly "I am a king". Later, when Meng Lin wanted to kill her and her lover’s child several times, Nie Mingyu stopped him and asked her severely, and asked her severely, and asked her severely.When he was born, his explanation seemed to be sad and contempt "to be a generation!"

As a result, Nie Mingyu’s silent personality is completely related to his childhood experience. Interested friends can watch it. Personally, I feel that it is definitely not worse than the Name of the People!

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